Genius hack for wrapping presents without tape will make light work of your Christmas prep

A no-tape wrapping hack is going viral on TikTok. (Posed by model, Getty Images)
A no-tape wrapping hack is going viral on TikTok. (Posed by model, Getty Images)

Picture the scene: you’ve chosen your paper, you’ve scrabbled together some scissors (nail scissors are fine right?) and you’re just about to make a start on wrapping the pile of Christmas presents when you realise... you’ve got no tape!

Before you resign yourself to postponing the gift wrapping marathon until after you’ve re-stocked the tape dispenser, it’s worth noting that there is actually a way to cover a present, without any tape at all.

In response to a commenter’s challenge to wrap a gift without using tape, TikToker @beeandblooms shared a clip demonstrating her simple method to the video sharing platform.

The video has been collecting all the love on TikTok, clocking up over 4 million likes and receiving thousands of comments.

Turns out the tape-free trick for wrapping presents is all about the folds.

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@beeandblooms starts by measuring out roughly the right amount of paper, so there’s not too much excess, then places the present, which is a rectangular-shaped gift, diagonally in the centre of paper.

She then performs a series of folds, which looks pretty complicated but would be workable once you get the hang of it.

To begin, the TikToker folds the paper over one of the longer sides of the box and tucks the corner underneath itself.

She then folds in each of the sides and finishes off by folding the last piece completely over the gift until you reach the flap where you can easily tuck it in.

The key, it seems, is to fold the wrapping paper in such a way that the last bit of paper is able to tuck into itself.

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People are loving this expert hack for wrapping presents without tape. (Posed by model, Getty Images)
People are loving this expert hack for wrapping presents without tape. (Posed by model, Getty Images)

It’s worth noting that the tip will probably only work with boxes, and it’ll probably take a few tries to perfect the knack.

The video was met with a rapturous response, with many super impressed with the no tape trick.

“Girl do you work for Santa or somethin?” one user joked.

“Not even with tape do my presents look like this,” another commented.

“Me over here still not knowing how to wrap a present with tape,” another quipped.

“Black belt in gift wrapping,” another fan wrote.

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This isn’t the only gift-wrapping hack people have been loving recently.

Earlier this week Ruth Langsford shared a genius trick that will make the present wrapping process a whole lot easier and give your back a break in the process.

The This Morning presenter headed to Instagram to reveal that instead of doing her present wrapping on the floor, she uses an ironing board for the prep.

Langsford’s fans were mightily impressed, taking to the comments to thank her for sharing the simple yet clever present-wrapping method.

“That’s a good idea,” one wrote. “Normally sit on the floor and after an hour or so I’m stuck there”

“What a brilliant idea. I’ve never thought of that but it’s perfect. Thank you,” another added.

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Meanwhile, over the weekend a video created by user @mama_mila went viral after she shared how to neatly package up irregularly-shaped items.

Using a toy Mickey Mouse as an example, she demonstrated how to use brown paper and a white ribbon to get the present ready to go under the tree.

The video, which was posted to the festive sound of Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, has since received more than four million views and over 397,000 ‘likes’ on the social media site.

Last year another present wrapping hack took the internet by storm.

Twitter user Chuck B caught people’s attention with an enlightening how-to wrapping video, which shows you how to make the best of limited wrapping paper.

We’ve all been there, thinking you’ve got enough paper to wrap a present only to find it comes up short.

But the footage offers a helpful solution, demonstrating how simply turning the present around diagonally and overlapping the corners of the wrapping paper, so that it covers the present perfectly.

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