This Gym-Based Strongman Session from the Stoltman Brothers Packs on Serious Size and Strength

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Strongman Session from the Stoltman BrothersHearst Owned

With World's Strongest Man and Europe’s Strongest Man titles on the family mantelpiece it's fair to say that Tom and Luke Stoltman are formidable strongman competitors. But despite their success, neither is content with what they've already achieved and both have hefty goals for the future.

For example, despite his brother currently wearing the crown, Luke Stoltman's ambition remains, 'To be the strongest man in the world,' and in October he'll attempt to break the world record for the overhead log press.

Meanwhile, Tom Stoltman has lofty goals of winning World's Strongest Man five times in total. ‘A personal goal is to hopefully break a 505kg deadlift,’ Tom adds. ‘I mean that's gonna be a big ask, but once I've finished World's [Strongest Man] I want to really focus on that, which should be another big milestone. So some big records and some big goals but we're ready for them a hundred percent.'

The pair are still brimming with enthusiasm about the art of strongman training and have recently opened up their own facility in Invergordon. 'I enjoy waking up every day and getting the buzz going to the gym. Especially now, because we've got the new Primal gym, you can walk in now and the buzz you get in that place. Unbelievable,' says Tom.

To share some of that strongman spirit with you, the brothers have programmed a strongman training session for Men's Health. It includes all the lifts needed to supersize your strength and, as you've expect from strongman royalty, there's a brutal finisher included. But don't worry, no kegs necessary, you can find all the kit needed in your local gym.

Time to set some PBs.

The Workout

trap bar farmers carry
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Trap Bar Farmer's Carry x 3-5 Sets of 30 metres

Stand tall holding the trap bar. Take a deep breath into your core and begin a fast, deliberate march. When you reach the 20m mark, get your composure, turn around without letting the weights run amuck and head back. Try not to drop the weights, but if you do, pick up from where you left off as quickly as possible.

push press
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Single Arm Jerk x Work up to 3 Sets of your 1 Rep Max

Dip at the knees and use an explosive drive from your legs to drive your dumbbell upwards, as they begin to lose steam towards the top of the rep, quickly bend your knees again, dropping below the bells and allowing you to extend your arms and catch the dumbbells in a locked out position. Stand back up, bells still locked out, and lower them under control to your shoulders. Continue in this fashion until you can no longer control the descent of a rep, or achieve a lockout overhead.

Luke Stoltman recommends: 'Pick the dumbbell up with two hands, then you want to rest it on your shoulder. Press it right above your head with a little jerk.'

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Barbell Push Press x 3-5 Sets of 3 Reps

Clean your barbell up onto the front of your shoulders, take a breath and brace your core. Dip at the knees and use your legs to help press your barbell overhead. Secure the bar in the top position then slowly lower under control, back to your shoulders. Dip at the legs and repeat. When you can no longer lock the bar out overhead or control the descent, finish your set.

The Finisher

treadmill push
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Tread Push x 3 Sets of 30 Seconds, 30 Seconds Rest

Set the treadmill to a high resistance with the lever if it is a curved treadmill. If it is a motorised treadmill, set to a high incline and turn the machine off. Hold onto the handles in front of you with your torso lowered and arms straight. Push each leg behind you and drive the tread away from you. Take long, slow, forceful strides for the full 30 seconds.

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