Guy Texts Random Number From Toilet Wall, Finds His Soulmate

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Ever sat and stared at those ‘call this number for a good time’ scrawls on the toilet wall? Ever wondered who those digits belong to and whether you’d actually be in for anything resembling a good time?

Well one very lucky man actually texted one such number and ended up with a lot more than a good time.

According to The Sun, trucker Mark Ellis, 51, sent a “Hi. What are you up to?” text to a number he found in a public loo as a joke. He was on his way to his local pub in Garforth, West Yorkshire, when nature called.

The graffiti read “If you want a good shag call Donna on . . .”

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Obviously, the first thing legal secretary Donna did was to text back “Who is this?”

But Mark and Donna got talking, met up days later and ended up getting together.

Mark said: “I was curious to know if it was a real human being. We still laugh about it.”

Donna, Brighouse, West Yorks, said: “It was days be­fore he told me how he got my number.”

The couple have two children aged eight and nine but have told them the pair met when Mark texted Donna “by mistake”.

Donna said: “I should thank my ex — he did me a favour.”

Ultimate proof that the course of true love never did run smooth.

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