Couples That Gain Weight Together Stay Together


Research found that couples who gained weight together were in happier marriages than those who remained slim [Photo: Rex Features]

Forget sharing endless coupled-up selfies on Facebook, science says the best indicator of how happy you are in your relationship, is how much weight you’ve gained together.

That’s right, those takeaway fuelled binge watching sessions on the sofa, that have inevitably lead to a little bit of extra love fat round the middle, can actually mean you end up happier as a couple.

According to Your Tango, Research on the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that couples who report satisfaction in their marriage tend to gain weight.

Over a period of four years, researchers followed 169 couples on their first marriage, measuring their weight twice a year and tracking their overall satisfaction within their marriage and general life.

They found that the couples who reported being in happy marriages were also the ones that gained weight. But bad news for skinny couples as the results also suggested that those who remained slim reported rocky marriages that eventually lead to divorce. Gulp.

The researchers theorised that this is because people in content relationships no longer feel pressure to attract another mate, so are able to relax and loosen the diet reigns. While those in rocky relationships subconsciously want to appear attractive to the opposite sex so they can potentially attract an alternative mate.


Takeaways + bingewatching = happy relationship [Photo: Rex Features]

But before you stockpile the Krispy Kremes and slob out on the sofa in the name of everlasting happiness, researchers are keen to stress that couples shouldn’t become weight gain complacent.

They point out that happy couples could be putting their health at risk by letting their weight maintenance slip. So instead of focusing weight-related efforts on attracting someone else, they recommend concentrating on long-term health goals. Which is pretty good advice for all of us really.

But, if you and your other half have gained a few extra loved-up pounds, don’t beat yourself up about it, science says the couple that scoffs together stays together. Sort of.

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