Gucci's £600 turban sparks cultural appropriation row

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Gucci's high-fashion turban has not gone down well. [Photo: Nordstrom/Twitter]

Gucci is in hot water for selling a turban as a style accessory.

The turban, from the luxury fashion house’s SS18 collection, was being sold for $790 (£615) by US department store, Nordstrom. It has since sold out online.

The turban is a religious garment common among male Sikhs and, more recently, some female Sikhs. It is also worn by some Shia Muslims.

Turban wearers have hit out at the luxury fashion house, accusing them of cultural appropriation for capitalising on the religious garment.

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“Dear Gucci, the Sikh Turban is not a hot new accessory,” tweeted Sikh restauranteur and influencer, Harjinder Singh Kukreja, earlier this week.

He also pointed out a blatant error in how the garment was being worn by the models.

Others have weighed in, citing the weighty history behind the turban and calling it “blasphemy” to wear them as a fashion garment.

But not all turban wearers are outraged.

Others are taking a more lighthearted approach and mocking the ridiculous price of the Gucci look, when religious turbans cost just a fraction of this price.

Earlier this year, Gucci faced heavy criticism for selling a “blackface” balaclava jumper, which was widely said to resemble the racist trope.

But it isn’t the only fashion brand accused of cultural insensitivity.

Katy Perry faced controversy for designed so-called 'blackface' shoes. [Photo: Katy Perry Collection]

Earlier this year, Katy Perry also faced controversy for selling ‘blackface’ shoes as part of her Katy Perry Collections line.

In 2017, online retailers ASOS was criticised for a “chandelier head clip” which resembled a South African bridal accessory.