Gucci is selling a tartan dress for men to fight 'toxic stereotypes'

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Gucci is selling a dress in its latest men's collection costing £1,700 (Gucci)
Gucci is selling a dress in its latest men's collection costing £1,700 (Gucci)

While the weather might be cooling off – and social gatherings evaporating – Gucci wants to ensure everyone can still dress up nicely at a moment’s notice.

That includes men, for whom the famous designer brand have created a frock for in their latest fashion collection.

The luxury retailer has unveiled an orange tartan dress costing £1,700 that aims to fight “toxic stereotypes”.

Also featuring a satin bow, the statement piece, from its current season, is available on the brand’s website.

The orange tartan design features a satin bow detail. (Gucci)
The orange tartan design features a satin bow detail. (Gucci)

Describing the item – listed as ‘Tartan cotton long smock shirt’ – Gucci reveal that 1990’s grunge and Peter Pan were their inspirations.

They wrote: “Inspired by grunge looks from the ‘90s and styled over ripped denim pants, this tartan smock in delicate colours reflects the idea of fluidity explored for the Fall Winter 2020 fashion show, disrupting the toxic stereotypes that mould masculine gender identity.

“The contrast Peter Pan collar and smock embroidery on the front add a childhood inspired element, which ties to a recurrent theme of the collection.

“Pieces with versatile ways to wear and style embrace each person who is part of the House’s individual spirit.”

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As shown by the male model on the site, the dress – made from 100% cotton – can be styled in the chillier months with jeans.

It comes just weeks after Gucci caused much bemusement with a pair of grass-stained dungarees, costing £1,088.

The piece, also from the brand’s current men’s collection, is made from recycled material.

According to their website it is “crafted from organic cotton specifically treated for a stained-like, distressed effect.

"Gucci explores new takes on the cult fabric, reinterpreting it with different designs and washing techniques that blur the line between vintage and contemporary."

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