Fashion Nova sparks debate among parents who believe their clothes are 'sexualising' children

Fashion Nova has split opinion on social media over its 'Nova Kids' line. (Fashion Nova)
Fashion Nova has split opinion on social media over its 'Nova Kids' line. (Fashion Nova)

Parents have been left divided over Fashion Nova’s new clothing collection for kids.

Social media users have suggested that the brand are “sexualising” children with “creepy” outfits that are “not appropriate”.

The backlash comes after the brand generated discussion with an “invisible” bikini, which features scraps of fabric secured together with translucent plastic straps.

The affordable LA-based online retailer launched their Nova Kids line in late September, and the range features designs that mimic their adult looks.

These include pieces – targeted at those as young as three years old – such as bodycon dresses, crop tops, leather trousers and miniskirts.

In a post on Twitter, one person wrote: “Wtf is Fashion Nova thinking with their kids line? Creepy and gross a mom I’m disgusted."

Another commented: “Fashion Nova lost their mind with these kids clothes.”

A third added: “Fashion Nova is now over sexualizing KIDS with this new kids line.”

The controversial new clothing range even caught the attention of US political candidate Angela Stanton King.

Meanwhile, one user suggested: "Fashion Nova took all of their regular outfits and just made them in kids size and told y’all here’s a kid friendly clothing line."

Another person noted: “I want my child dressing like a child, not like she about to go to the club."

However, others social media users found the mini-me outfits from the fast fashion label “cute” and “fabulous”.

On the brand’s Instagram page, one person wrote: “The cutest.”

Another shared: “Should be a novababies too!”

Fashion Nova has been approached by Yahoo Style UK for comment.