Gregg Wallace reveals that his three-year-old son has autism

Masterchef host Gregg Wallace has revealed that his three-year-old son Syd has autism and is non-verbal.

Appearing on Loose Women, Wallace opened up on the diagnosis and the impact it has had on his family.

Wallace said: “Syd has autism. He’s three, you can’t legally diagnose until they are two and half, but we knew at about a year old that we had some issues."

Credit: Loose Women / ITV / ITV Hub

Video transcript

GREGG WALLACE: Syd has autism.

- Is that just recently diagnosed?

GREGG WALLACE: Yeah. He's three. You can't legally diagnose it until you turn-- hey! Hey! Ain't he cute? He looks like his mum. Look at him. Look at him. Look. So you can't legally diagnose it in this country till he's two and a half.

- Right.

GREGG WALLACE: But we knew about a year old that we had some issues. So when we--

- But what were they?

- What were the signs?

GREGG WALLACE: Yeah. Look, this might not be true. But for us, and we found out that this is a key, he wasn't answering to his name. They don't answer to it. He wasn't playing peekaboo. He was walking and running around. But he's got autism, and he's got something called global development delay as well.

So he's not speaking. But he is lovely. And he is cuddly. And he is happy. And if he wants something, he grabs your hand and takes you.

- Oh.

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