This Is The Greatest Store-Bought Coleslaw

Assortment of store-bought coleslaw
Assortment of store-bought coleslaw - Steven Luna/Mashed

A bowl of coleslaw is perfect for adding a bit of freshness and color to your cookout spread. Still, when you're busy prepping hot dogs, hamburgers, and your great-great-grandmother's famous potato salad, the tedious task of shredding cabbage and carrots for a traditional coleslaw recipe is likely the last thing you want to do.

In these instances, most grocery stores can provide the side, but if you're turning to an outside source to handle this classic summer staple, you'll want to choose the best option available. In our ranking of 11 store-bought coleslaw brands, we found that Walmart's Freshness Guaranteed Homestyle Coleslaw was the greatest slaw on the market.

Available in either 15- or 30-ounce containers in the refrigerated section of Walmart's deli, the usability of this ready-made side was just one reason why we awarded it the top spot in our lineup. Our rankers also found that Walmart's Freshness Guaranteed Homestyle Coleslaw boasted a satisfying veg-to-dressing ratio that still provided a perfectly creamy texture. Meanwhile, its flavor profile offered a nice balance of tangy and sweet that reminded some reviewers on Walmart's website of KFC's slaw, which is widely considered to be one of the best fast food versions of coleslaw. One reviewer even claimed it resembled their grandma's coleslaw — something we can all probably agree is a pretty high honor.

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What If You Want To Use Your Own Dressing For Coleslaw?

Walmart's Freshness Guaranteed Homestyle Coleslaw
Walmart's Freshness Guaranteed Homestyle Coleslaw - Steven Luna/Mashed

If you want to just pop the top off of a coleslaw container at your next barbecue, Walmart's Freshness Guaranteed Homestyle Coleslaw is the way to go, according to our ranking. On the other hand, some may just want the grocery store to handle the pre-shredded veg component of the dish so they can make their own dressing to mix in, especially if their recipe calls for a game-changing secret ingredient (à la Dolly Parton). Interestingly enough, Mashed found that the best bagged coleslaw option is sitting just a short distance away from Walmart's praise-worthy, ready-to-serve option.

Coming in at a respectable third place in our ranking of store-bought coleslaws, Walmart's Marketside Angel Hair Coleslaw is an excellent choice for whipping up a semi-homemade slaw for tacos, chicken sandwiches, or barbecue. The 10-ounce bag is comprised solely of green cabbage that's shredded into long, thin strands similar to the pasta that serves as its namesake. Our rankers were also struck by the product's unique, sauerkraut-like aroma; however, if you find that this extra-tangy element throws off the taste of your side, maple syrup could be the secret coleslaw ingredient to bring the dish back to balanced perfection.

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