Great British Bake Off finalist Kimberley insists her b*tchy face is actually a look of disappointment and hints at 'EPIC' final

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It's been a series packed with facial expressions (see the many faces of Ruby Tandoh if you haven't already) and watery eyeballs.

But Great British Bake Off finalist Kimberley has hit back at criticism of her own so-called 'b*tchy' face.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle exclusively ahead of the final of the baking show tomorrow night, the baker told us her reaction to Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry's critique of her work has been misconstrued.

She insisted: "That's my disappointed face, not my 'what the f***' face".

The 30-year-old psychologist has faced a backlash on Twitter in recent weeks after being perceived as smug during even the toughest of baking challenges.

And many have pointed out an upturned bottom lip which seems to imply a 'think what you like but I'm right' attitude aimed at Paul specifically.

But Kimberley, who is up against Ruby and Frances in the all-female finale of the BBC Two show, admitted that it was never intended to be like that - and that she's found the backlash shocking.

Speaking to us at the Salon Du Chocolat event at Kensington Olympia in London to celebrate National Chocolate Week a calm, reserved (and might we add lovely) Kimberley told us: "People have been so angry, even more than normal."

And she added that in the tent it's pretty galling to have your efforts slated after so long slaving. She said: "It's hard because you put four hours in and they're judging you."

[Ruby and Paul sitting in a tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G]

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Unlike Paul Hollywood and Raymond Le Blanc, who seem to have collectively given the game away [spoiler alert] today, Kimberley was tight-lipped as to who will get the ultimate Star Baker accolade on Tuesday night.

But she did say that we have an "epic" final in store - and that all the contestants are pretty relieved it's over due to it being an exhausting experience.

And despite there being lots of teary moments in the series to date, she added that it was a drier affair all round for the final episode: "There aren't as many tears as there have been".