Grantchester star Robson Green recalls Simon Cowell feud

Split image of Simon Cowell and Robson Green

Robson Green and Simon Cowell aren't two names you'd hear together these days, but back in the '90s, the two were at loggerheads. In a 2016 interview with Reader's Digest, Grantchester star Robson revealed exactly what transpired between them, and while everything turned out fine in the end, at one point a lawsuit was threatened! Keep reading for the details…

robson green smiling
Robson revealed that he and Simon Cowell got off to a bad start before working together (Photo: Getty Images)

Recalling how it all started, Robson explained that the feud was sparked after he learned that Simon Cowell had been calling his mother, Ann, so that he could get in contact with him.

"When I was in Soldier Soldier, Jerome Flynn and I sang 'Unchained Melody' in a wedding scene. That was in 1993. No one had heard of Simon Cowell back then—certainly not my mother, who kept getting calls from him asking me to ring to talk about recording a single," he said.

"This went on for about a year until I said, 'If you ring my mother one more time you'll be talking to my lawyers, not me.' But Simon taught me that money corrupts the best-laid plans".

Explaining that they went on to build a successful working relationship, Robson added: "He offered Jerome and me a life-changing amount and we recorded the song in 1995. It sold some two million copies and was number one for seven weeks. Then we recorded two albums—it was an amazing time".

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After working together, Simon publicly praised Robson and Jerome, calling them "The nicest people I've ever worked with".

Simon Cowell during America's Got Talent
Simon has described Robson and Jerome as the "nicest people" (Getty Images)

Simon's collaboration with the pair also thrust him into the public eye. In his autobiography, I Don't Mean To Be Rude... But, the Britain's Got Talent star writes: "They made me my first million, which was fantastic, not necessarily because of the money but because for the very first time people began to take me seriously".

Robson & Jerome pose in suits
Robson & Jerome shot to success after working with Simon (Getty)

While Robson & Jerome went on to become an iconic pop duo, Robson often jokes about his previous music career. Back in 2017, he joined Lorraine Kelly on her namesake show where he spoke about his reunion with Jerome Flynn on the series, Tales From the Coast.

"The great thing that everybody will be really pleased about, tonight's episode where Jerome and I meet, we don't sing," he quipped. "And I think that's the good thing. The highlight of the music for everybody was when we stopped."

robson and jerome in 2017
Robson and Jerome are still good friends (Photo: Rex)

Speaking to the Telegraph in 2018, Robson also described his experience in the music industry as "My personal Vietnam. It wasn't the greatest of artistic choices."

Robson and Jerome have since remained close friends, although their subsequent acting careers have kept them pretty busy. While Robson continues to front Grantchester as well as his hit travel series Robson Green's Weekend Escapes, Jerome has landed roles in Ripper Street,Black Mirror, Game of Thrones and 1923.