Gogglebox stars Jenny and Lee share special message from their tiny caravan

Gogglebox favourites Jenny and Lee delighted their fans on Friday, filming a message from their caravan ahead of the series finishing for the summer.

Speaking to the camera in their usual jovial manner, the duo said: "This evening will be the last show of the series," before dissolving into giggles over Lee covering the screen of his phone, leaving Jenny unable to see.

"Have a lovely summer everybody," Lee continued, before adding: "We'll see you in September. Have a great summer guys. Thank you for all your comments during this series."

They captioned the video along similar lines, writing: "Happy Friday everyone gutted it’s the last show of series 21 have a fabulous summer and we’ll be back on the couch in September," signing off with a plea to viewers.

"Voting for the #NTAs closes Friday 2nd June at 11pm. If you haven't already voted #Gogglebox for The Bruce Forsyth Entertainment Award, now's your chance!"

Jenny and Lee from Gogglebox raising a cheers
Jenny and Lee from Gogglebox raising a cheers

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Fans expressed mixed emotions in the comments section, with some feeling down about the show ending. "Totally gutted. Friday night won't be the same," one lamented, while another added: "September?! How will we survive?"

Others let Lee and Jenny know that they're their favourite Gogglebox stars, praising: "Aww just love you both you make smile laugh and you have such a great friendship," and: "Love you both, you national treasures you."

Jenny and Lee are Gogglebox favourites
Jenny and Lee are Gogglebox favourites

Though Jenny and Lee are very much not a couple, the loveable TV stars have been best friends for over 20 years. Both are happily married off-screen and while Lee's husband Steve has made the odd guest appearance on the TV show or posed for a photo with the pair, Jenny's husband Ray is much more private.

Ray was offered the opportunity to join his wife on Gogglebox when she was approached by a researcher at Beverley Races Ladies' Day in 2014 but he decided not to take part. Instead, she convinced her long-term friend to become her on-screen partner.

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Lee previously told Hull Daily Mail: "I wasn’t [at Beverley Races] but she asked me if I wanted to sit and do a test filming with her. I’d never seen Gogglebox, it had only just started, so I walked into filming swearing my head off because she’d got me out of bed on my day off."

Jenny and Lee from Gogglebox at the NTAs 2020
Jenny and Lee from Gogglebox at the NTAs 2020

Jenny admitted she was always a big fan of Gogglebox and jumped at the opportunity to join the show back in 2014. "I was a big fan of it right from the beginning,” she said. “If my friends were going out, I’d say, ‘I can’t, I’ve got to stay in and watch Gogglebox’. I loved it. So to be on it is amazing. I’d never have thought it would happen in a million years."