Gogglebox biggest stars' real jobs - from taxi driver to Manchester United coach and toy shop worker

As we gear up for another brand new episode of Gogglebox, we're set to have a good laugh at our favourite TV families' reactions to this week's most popular shows. From laugh-out-loud moments with side-splitting comedies, through to plenty of tears from poignant dramas and documentaries, there's never a shortage of emotion from the nation's favourite armchair critics.

But despite being fans of the show since its inception in 2013, one area that continues to remain a mystery to viewers at home is what exactly the Gogglebox stars do for a living. As It turns out, many of them have full-time jobs outside of their TV commitments - and in professions that may even surprise you.

Here, we take a closer look at our favourite Gogglebox stars and their impressive day jobs...

Pete and Sophie Sanderford

Fan favourites Pete and Sophie are known for their banter and novelty mugs, but what exactly do the duo do for a living? Pete is a building company boss after previously working in insurance and is also the proud dad of toddler Jimmy and baby Evie, who he shares with his wife, Paige and has featured on the Channel 4 show in the past.

Sister Sophie meanwhile, used to work at the high street giant Debenhams as a window dresser before the company fell into administration in 2019. Rather than be defeated by the loss of a job she loved, the star made the decision to launch her own business instead and is now a professional florist in her hometown of Blackpool.

Ellie and Izzi Warner

Gogglebox's Ellie and Izzi Warner are favourites on the show
Glasgow based couple Roisin and Joe made history as the first Scottish Gogglebox stars -Credit:Channel 4

Born and raised in Leeds, West Yorkshire, sisters Ellie and Izzi Warner first captured the nations hearts when they joined the show in 2015. Over the past nine years the sisters have shared glimpses into their lives on the show and on social media and in the process revealed their very different career choices.

Well known for her immaculate hairdos, Ellie works as a hairdresser and regularly share snaps of her work online. In addition to giving her clients the hair of their dreams at Tint Leeds, where she's a resident stylist, Ellie is now also a first time mum. Which, for a while, means she's swapping the scissors for nappies, after she announced to her clients via Instagram that she's currently on maternity leave.

Ellie welcomed a son, Ezra, in June last year alongside her partner, Nat, and since giving birth, the TV star has posted plenty of cute baby pics to her gram.

Sister Izzi meanwhile, works as a mortgage advisor after launching her own brokerage business. The savvy star describes herself as a "mortgage advising extraordinaire," online and the "part time couch potato," which she also labels herself as, has her own mortgage company called Izzi Warner mortgages.

However, as well as being a full-time mortgage advisor, Izzi is also a full time mum and is kept very busy thanks to her adorable son and daughter, who she shares with partner Grant.

Jenny Newby and Lee Riley

Caravan besties Jenny Newby and Lee Riley are another beloved duo on the show, yet despite their popularity their days jobs still remain a mystery. Although their current professions are still shrouded in secrecy, we do know that Lee and Jenny first met when she was the landlady of the Crown Inn pub in Paull and Lee was a regular customer, reports Hull Live.

They landed their spot on the show after Jenny impressed two of the show's researchers at Beverley Races Ladies' Day.

Mary Killen and Giles Wood

Giles and Mary, who met at 21 and have been married for over 30 years are well known for sharing their often eccentric commentaries on the day's television, while also bickering away, yet it may surprise viewers to know that back in the day, Mary was a model while Giles was honing his skills at Wimbledon Art School!

Fast forward to the present day and Giles is an accomplished artist, meanwhile Mary is an agony aunt and author of the etiquette book, How the Queen Can Make You Happy. In addition, she is also a highly respected journalist whose work has appeared in Tatler and The Spectator over the years.

The Siddiquis

The Siddiqui brothers, Baasit and Umar, along with their dad Sid, are regular faces on Gogglebox and between them boast three very impressive careers. Proud patriarch Sid has a background in engineering and has proudly served the NHS for 37 years. Following in his footsteps in the NHS, Umar has been a Biomedical Scientist in Microbiology at the Royal Derby Hospital for nearly 17 years. Meanwhile, Baasit has been shaping young minds as a secondary school teacher since 2007.

The Malone Family

The Malone family, consisting of mum Julie, dad Tom Senior, sons Tom Jr and Shaun, and their four dogs - Dave, Lucy, Izzy and Joe, are all fan favourites, with their cheeky personalities and down to earth critiques often some of the most talked about on the show.

Although Tom Jr stepped away from the show in 2021, he hasn't been short of work since his on-screen debut, as Tom Jr is actually a dance choreographer for Studio 5 and has performed with big names like Rita Ora, Fergie and Wiley! Tom senior meanwhile earns his living as a lorry driver while his wife Julie used to work as a receptionist at a local health centre.

Their youngest son, Shaun, was once a stage actor, featuring in Billy Elliot in the West End. In a complete career u-turn however, he now coaches Man United's under-16s Ability Counts football team.

Sue and Steve

Londoners Sue and Steve joined the Gogglebox family in 2019 and have quickly made a name for themselves with their insightful commentaries. When they're not busy watching TV however, Steve is busy transporting passengers around London as a taxi driver.

While it's currently unknown what Sue does for a living, we do know she is semi-retired.

Roisin and Joe

Glasgow based couple Roisin and Joe made history as the first Scottish Gogglebox stars
Glasgow based couple Roisin and Joe made history as the first Scottish Gogglebox stars

One of the newer additions to the cast are young couple Roisin and Joe who first welcomed audiences onto their sofa in 2022. Th Glasgow based duo have been in a relationship for around five years and currently live at Joe’s family home.

Although his job hasn’t;t been revealed to the public, Roisin is a highly successful social media producer and hosts a podcast called Nags and Brags.

Abbie Lynn and Georgia Bell

For six years Georgia and Abbie have been delighting the nation
For six years Georgia and Abbie have been delighting the nation

When it comes showcasing the power of friendship, nobody does it better than BFF’s Abbie and Georgia, who have consistently kept us laughing with their TV critiques since 2018.

When the pair aren’t busy delighting the nation however, Abbie works in credit control, meanwhile Georgia is a qualified hairdresser who is currently focusing on motherhood after welcoming her adorable little boy Hugh in 2022.

Dave and Shirley

Dave and Shirley, the beloved Welsh couple from Caerphilly, have been together for over 40 years.

Dave, 62, works as a factory cleaner while Shirley, also 62, is employed in the retail sector. Away from their busy working lives, Dave also has a passion for baking, so don't be surprised if you see him on GBBO one day!

The Plummer Brothers

The Plummer brothers, who are massive football fans, joined the Gogglebox family in 2017.

Tristan plays as a winger for Hereford FC and Twaine is part of Bradford Town FC, while Tremaine whips up delicious meals as a chef.

Jane Minty - and brother Simon

Brother and sister duo Jane and Simon Minty are firm-favourites on Channel 4's Gogglebox
Brother and sister duo Jane and Simon Minty are firm-favourites on Channel 4's Gogglebox

Jane is one of the Channel 4's show's newest recruits having joined the series at the end of 2021 alongside her brother Simon.

When she's not busy on screen, Jane revealed she works in a kitchen as she posted a photo of herself at work on social media. In the snap she held out a plate of homemade cake towards the camera and captioned it: "Homemade cakes at work today …will try and save a piece for Simon to try!! Happy day at work."

Simon meanwhile is a disability consultant and also hosts his own podcast for the BBC called Ouch!

Amira and Amani

Amira and Amani regularly delight viewers with their comments on Gogglebox
Amira and Amani regularly delight viewers with their comments on Gogglebox

One set of sisters who have become a huge hit with fans are Amira and Amani, a London based duo who have often sent fans into hysterics with some of their unusual takes on the latest popular shows.

Yet as well as being armchair critics, the pair also boast enviable jobs too, with Amira working as a retail manager at Smyths Toys, meanwhile Amani works in customer service.

Gogglebox continues every Friday at 9pm on Channel 4 and 4OD