Glossier has launched a 'You' scented candle - and it's the moment we've all been waiting for

glossier candle
The Glossier 'You' candle is finally hereGlossier

Glossier truly knows how to please its audience. While its latest launch – the Swiss Miss Balm Dotcom – was an unexpected treat we never knew we needed, there has been one hotly coveted product that we’ve been requesting for years. Now, Glossier has finally answered.

The brand’s signature ‘You’ fragrance has now been launched as a candle - and we're 'adding to cart' immediately before it inevitably sells out.

While a miniature You candle featured in last year’s Christmas set, the brand has announced that a full-sized edition, as well as its sister scent, Orange Blossom Neroli, are joining the brand’s permanent collection.

Housed in a sleek red vessel, ‘You’ features top notes of ambrette seeds, ambrox, iris and musk, which result in a cosy yet crisp aroma. Really, the brilliance of this candle (and the reason why its fragrance counterpart has been a worldwide success), is that it’s not overwhelming, but has a universal aroma that everyone loves. Even if you've never smelt it before, the cosy scent somehow feels familiar, like a favourite cashmere jumper.

Just like the You perfume (which syncs with your body chemistry to orchestrate a completely unique trail), the candle iteration smells individually distinctive. The fresh, floral accords may stand out to you, while to someone else, the cosy, powderiness of the fragrance may dominate.

And it’s not just ‘You’ that we’ll be burning all throughout the cosy season: the Neroli candle is another signature fragrance you’ll recognise if your bathroom is stocked with the brand’s body collection.

Encased in a pink vessel, the top notes of pear, mandarin and cypress embody a sweeter aroma compared to the musky hominess of ‘You’. Both candles are made with a vegan soy and coconut blend, and have a burn time of 45 hours.

While we can't wait to fill our own homes with the soothing scent of You, we should probably point out that a Glossier candle also makes the perfect present for a loved one. Perhaps we'll buy two.

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