Glastonbury fans all say same thing after Shania Twain's performance

Glastonbury fans have been left shocked by Shania Twain's real age, as they took to social media to gush over how good the star looks.

The stunning country singer, 58, proved she's not aged a day as she took to the Pyramid Stage to perform in the coveted legends slot for her Glastonbury debut on Sunday 30 June.

As the That Don't Impress Me hitmaker took to the stage in a black sequins mini dress, fishnet tights, cowboy boots, and a fedora, fans were left blown away by her age-defying looks.

One person took to X to pen: "Shania Twain looks absolutely astonishing for 58," while another added: "Shania Twain does not look old enough to be occupying the Sunday afternoon Legends slot at #Glastonbury2024 #legend."

Shania Twain at Glastonbury Festival 2024
Shania Twain performed on the Pyramid stage during day five of Glastonbury -Credit:Getty Images
Shania Twain
Fans couldn't believe Shania was 58 -Credit:Getty Images

The conversation continued as another added: "She is 58!! Wow! How good does Shania Twain look!!!! #Glastonbury2024." Another agreed: "Shania looks incredible, not just for someone who is 58, but generally, gorgeous."

It comes as the star was also hit with complaints over the sound quality of the performance as viewers watching at home took to social media in their droves to voice similar opinions.

While some pointed the finger at Shania, calling her out for giving a 'flat' performance, others called on show chiefs to do more to improve the sound.

One person said: "This isn't impressing me much. #Glastonbury." Another fan added: "C'mon #Glastonbury sort the sound out for #Shania. She's a trooper, so she's keeping on keeping on, but she deserves better than this!"

Meanwhile, another added: "Are her in-ears not working, or is she just having one live? #Glastonbury."

Shania Twain plays Glastonbury
Shania Twain showed off her age-defying looks during the performance -Credit:BBC

The sound quality of the performance even sparked concern among some fans, with one person posting: "Is Shania unwell? She sounds like she's really struggling with her vocals here. A shame. #Glastonbury #Glastonbury2024."

But fans were also quick to jump to Shania Twain's defence, as one fan wrote: "Shania Twain and Cyndi Lauper both thrown under the bus by the Glastonbury sound engineers. Looks like neither of them could hear themselves so were out of time. Also, the sound mix is generally dreadful."

Another agreed: "Tapping in to defend Shania Twain. She can really sing live, as someone who stood this close to her. Something is just not working for her here..."

"I can only assume the sound system at Glastonbury is faulty because Shania Twain sounds like me..." typed a frustrated viewer.