Gilmore Girls stars Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop send fans wild with sweet reunion snap

Lauren and Kelly smile in a selfie, which only features 3/4 of Kelly's face. Both the women are wearing black sunglasses.
-Credit: (Image: Lauren Graham Instagram)

Gilmore Girls stars Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop, who played the iconic Lorelai and Emily Gilmore, have sent fans into a tizzy after they were spotted enjoying a lunch date together.

Lauren, known for her role as the quick-witted Lorelai, took to Instagram last Friday, June 29, to share an adorable selfie with her on-screen mother. The duo looked effortlessly stylish in their black shades, with Lauren sporting a striped top, a baby blue blazer, and a trendy bucket hat, all while beaming at the camera.

Kelly exuded elegance with her small hoop earrings, a chic silver necklace, and her hair styled in a classic wavy bob.

The beloved actress shared the snap with her impressive 470k Instagram followers, captioning it: "Here's to the ladies who lunch. #Kelly."

Fans couldn't contain their excitement and flooded the comments section with love and nostalgia. @abbylenoresmith playfully commented: "When Friday night dinners turn into Friday lunches. >>> Hope you both had two glasses of wine," giving a nod to the show's tradition of family dinners.

@becks_tea humorously asked: "Does she ever just yell out at lunch, 'Lorelei! ! ' Please say she does! " Meanwhile, @sway_bhatia gushed: "Omgggg! I miss Friday night dinners."

Others like @stefaniejane73 remarked on how time seemed to stand still for the pair: "It looks like no time has passed! " And @justamumandwife shared a hopeful sentiment: "Please tell me there will be another Gilmore Girls series/movie? ? ? ".

From 2000 to 2007, Gilmore Girls charmed audiences for seven seasons before it made a grand return on Netflix in 2014. The brainchild of Amy Sherman-Palladino, this iconic series is celebrated for its sharp wit and appeal to viewers of all ages.

In 2016, Netflix breathed new life into the world of Stars Hollow with the four-part mini-series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, bringing back familiar faces like Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and Scott Patterson. Fans got to see where life had taken their beloved characters across the four seasons of the year, almost ten years after we said goodbye.

Despite the passage of time, the characters' endearing quirks and missteps showed they hadn't lost their charm or learned all of life's lessons. The revival was warmly received by both fans and critics alike, with Rotten Tomatoes encapsulating the sentiment: "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life provides a faithful and successful revival of the quirky, sweet, and beloved series fans fell in love with over a decade ago."