Gillette called out for #PinkTax hypocrisy days after advert backlash

Gillette has been called out for hypocrisy over pink tax. [Photo: Getty]
Gillette has been called out for hypocrisy over pink tax. [Photo: Getty]

Earlier this week, Gillette fell under fire for its polarising ‘The best men can be’ advert, which called out toxic masculinity.

The advert featured examples of men fighting, bullying each another and harassing women – and some called the shaving company out for its ‘anti-male’ campaign.

Now people are taking to Twitter to call out Gillette for its pink tax – the practice of marking up prices for products marketed at women, compared to identical ones for men.

Twitter users are sharing pictures of a Gillette razor designed for men, together with a women’s razor from the same brand, and pointing out the latter costs significantly more.

People are suggesting the brand – and its parent company, Proctor & Gamble – cannot be ‘taken seriously’ for its message on gender until it removes the ‘tax’.

Pink tax doesn’t just apply to razors. Researchers have found the ‘gender price gap’ applies to everything from dry cleaning to children’s clothes.

A survey conducted in New York recognised there is effectively a ‘pink tax‘ on transportation for women, who spend more on services such as Uber and taxis in order to ensure their safety in getting around.

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