Eagle-eyed fans try to work out if Gigi Hadid is pregnant after lockdown photoshoot

Rumours have been circling after Gigi Hadid's photoshoot. (Getty Images)
Rumours have been circling after Gigi Hadid's photoshoot. (Getty Images)

Gigi Hadid hasn’t announced that she’s pregnant, but that hasn’t stopped eagle-eyed fans guessing at whether she might be after she posted a coronavirus lockdown photoshoot on Instagram.

The model, who has just turned 25 in quarantine, posted what appeared to be a birthday celebration on her Instagram account.

Fans were quick to point out that baby shower bags featured in some of Hadid’s Instagram stories, sparking rumours of her pregnancy.

The detectives amongst us also noted that Hadid and her family were holding balloons with 2 and 5 on them, which were secured with blue and pink ribbon.

This fuelled rumours that the 25th birthday party may have doubled up as a gender reveal party.

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“During Gigi Hadid's birthday is also the day she revealed the baby's gender..as u can see there are blue and pink ribbons and Bella posted on her Ig the paper bags with sunflower to cover the words written (hello little one).” One Twitter user explained using photos to emphasise her point.

Convinced fans have even tried to work out how pregnant the model might be, claiming that the balloons reading “25” might’ve had a double meaning to denote how far along she is.

That caused a wave of people sharing Hadid’s iconic catwalk for Jacquemus in January.

“Miss Gigi Hadid was pregnant during this iconic runway moment that twitter will never forget.” One person gushed, sharing photos of the catwalk show.

Although Zayn Malik, 27, and Hadid have been on and off over the years, Zayn’s presence at her otherwise all women birthday party struck a chord with One Direction fans.

“A boy from Bradford has got Gigi Hadid pregnant. Just let that sink in.” A disbelieving fan wrote.

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Despite the rumours circulating, Hadid and Malik remain tight-lipped on whether or not they’re expecting.

Many people have used social media to explain why it is not ok to “out” somebody as pregnant before they’re ready to tell the world - if the rumour does happen to be true.

“Everyone else: Zayn & Gigi Hadid are having a BABY a boy from BRADFORD got Gigi pregnant the ONE DIRECTION BOYS have grown up Me: OH LOOK TMZ offering up another sincere invasion of privacy and taking away a woman's choice to have a pregnancy in the way she wishes.” One peeved person wrote.

It brings up a valid argument about celebrity pregnancies, with many famous people coming under scrutiny for whether they are or aren’t pregnant before they’re ready to announce it.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas recently found themselves in a similar position. Fans are still adamant that Turner, 24, is expecting yet no official statement has been made.