The only hack you'll ever need to get sand off your feet

Sandy feet
No more futile attempts to get rid of it [Photo: Pexels]

Most of us would choose a sandy beach over a rocky beach any day.

No stepping on sharp stones, no trying and failing to find a comfortable spot to lie on, and lots of sandcastle-building opportunities.

Apart from one catch – leaving it with sandy feet.

Get back to enjoying the beach [Photo: Pexels]

Wipe them on stones as much as you like; this sand isn’t coming off your feet and instead getting delivered straight to your bedroom.

Until now – as mums on Mumsnet have revealed a cheap, simple hack for getting it out from in between your toes.

And that’s to add a little bit of talcum powder to them.

Run around in it all you want [Photo: Pexels]

Instead of trying to wash it off at the beach showers – which will only get new sand stuck to you again – rubbing in talcum powder soaks up the moisture on your feet, meaning that briefly rubbing them with a towel will quickly remove the grains from you.

So now all you need to worry yourself about now is applying sunscreen regularly enough.

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