Who is Gerald Cooper from Clarkson's Farm and is he related to Kaleb?

 Gerald Cooper and Jeremy Clarkson.
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With his thick Cotsworld accent and iconic moustache, it is little wonder that Gerald Cooper has become one of Clarkson's Farm's most beloved characters - but who exactly is Gerald and is he related to Kaleb Cooper from the show?

First appearing on our screens in 2021, Clarkson's Farm's Gerald Cooper has become known for his hilarious interactions with Jeremy Clarkson and nonsensical ramblings on the farm.

Having starred in all three seasons of the show, he and farm manager Kaleb Cooper are still helping the former Top Gear host adjust to life on Diddly Squat Farm, which is actually open to visitors.

And after Gerald's cancer diagnosis in season three, fans have been eager to learn more about the 74-year-old.

Clarkson's Farm
Clarkson's Farm

Who is Gerald Cooper from Clarkson's Farm?

Gerald Cooper is a dry stone wall specialist who helps to care for the many walls and fences at Diddly Squat Farm.

While he might be instantly recognisable now, the 74-year-old hadn’t worked in TV prior to appearing in Clarkson’s Farm.

Instead, he has been maintaining Diddly Squat Farm for decades and even managed the plot before it was bought by Jeremy.

The farm worker shows no signs of stopping either, with him recently being promoted to ‘Head Of Security’ on the farm.

Sadly, not much else is known about the beloved Clarkson’s Farm cast member.

However, Jeremy has claimed that Gerald has never left Chipping Norton - which is where Diddly Squat Farm is located.

It’s unclear whether this is true but given the 74-year-old’s broad Cotsworld accent, we wouldn’t be surprised.

Is Gerald Cooper from Clarkson's Farm okay?

In a heart breaking moment during series three, Gerald revealed that he’d been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

With a long road to recovery ahead of him, the fan favourite had to bow out of Clarkson’s Farm for the remainder of the series.

Despite the frightening prognosis though, his radiotherapy sessions have been successful with Gerald giving viewing a long-awaited update in June 2024.

Originally posted on the Clarkson’s Farm Twitter page, the announcement showed the reality star in an adorable woolly jumper with sheep. The caption read, "A healthy and happy Gerald!"

Now cancer-free, Gerald happily posed for the camera as he finally was able to return to the land he loves.

Is Gerald Cooper related to Kaleb Cooper?

Many Clarkson's Farm fans are wondering whether Gerald Cooper is related to co-star Kaleb Cooper. However, the answer is no. The two aren't at all related.

Despite many questioning whether the pair are father and son, it is actually just a coincidence that Kaleb and Gerald share the same last name.

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