Gemma Chan on a mission to improve representation in beauty industry

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Gemma Chan is on a mission to improve representation in the beauty industry, and to show women they are enough.

The 38-year-old actress was named international ambassador for L'Oréal Paris in November last year, and since then, she's taken her role seriously, and despite landing a big beauty contract, she has to remind herself that she deserves it.

"I think many women, and particularly women of colour, will often find themselves in situations where no one else may look like them or have their background. You do have to remind yourself that you have a voice and you have the right to be there," she told People, adding that she has to remind herself of L'Oreal's iconic 'you're worth it' message "on a fairly regular basis."

The Eternals star is working on self-care, especially after the last year, and starts every morning with yoga, before applying a bold lip to boost her mood.

"I think over the past year, with the upheaval in the world and the anxiety that so many people have been feeling, having time in your day that's for you to slow down and really prioritise what your needs might be is incredibly important," Gemma explained.

Her mantra for the next year is inspired by her mother, and said she's a big believer in spreading positivity.

"Be kind to yourself, and others," Gemma stated.

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