Gemma Atkinson is daughter Mia's double in seriously uncanny throwback

family of four posing outside in summer outfits
Gemma and Gorka travelled to Gorka's native Spain for a tranquil family getaway (Instagram)

Gemma Atkinson often shares adorable photos with her Strictly pro fiancé Gorka Marquez and their two children Mia, four, and baby Thiago, who was born last June.

But in a new Instagram carousel, the Hits Radio host, 39, shared an array of photos from her own childhood and fans can't get over how much she looks like her adorable daughter.

young gemma with dad and dog
Gemma shared photos from her childhood (Instagram)

In the first photo, a young Gemma was holding her childhood pet Westie. In another, she appeared a tad older, looking just like Mia in a checked dress.

Gemma as a child with her childhood pup Fergie
Gemma was seen with her childhood pup Fergie (Instagram)

Her adorable pup also features in the third and fourth photos - one from a childhood Christmas where a young Gemma opens her presents, and another when she was seen as a young teen in school uniform.

Young Gemma opening christmas presents
Young Gemma was Mia's double (Instagram)

"Had to dig out some old photos recently as part of filming for our show," the former Strictly contestant penned. "Aside from the dodgy decor, the one constant in most of my pictures was Fergie, my first dog and best friend."

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"I’m so glad mum & dad decided to have her when I was just 18 months old. She helped teach me compassion, kindness, responsibility and the absolute unconditional love dogs have. Sitting writing this with Norman & Ollie knowing they’re unknowingly doing the same for both Mia & Thiago makes me smile," she continued.

gemma as a teen in school uniform at home with dog
Fans can see the likeness between Mia and a young Gemma (Instagram)

The doting mother concluded: "If I had superpowers it’d be to go back to this time again, just for a couple of days… The good ole days. (I’d also move that wooden pig off the tele asap!)".

Fans darted to the comments to remark on her likeness to little Mia. "Wow!! How much Mia looks like you when you were little.. definitely twins! The last picture it’s like looking at Mia," wrote one adoring fan.

A black-and-white photo of a young girl and baby boy
Gemma's daughter looks just like her (Instagram)

Another added: "Mia is your absolute double when you were wee."

gorka, gemma and mia with pram in Madrid
The family enjoyed a short trip to Madrid (Instagram)

Gemma shared an adorable photo with her fans from when the family of four headed to Madrid to see Gorka's family. "It was Gorkas parents' first time meeting Thiago and they haven’t seen Mia for over a year either so it was really lovely," the host of The Overshare with Gemma Atkinson shared.

Mia Marquez at the Royal Palace in Madrid
Gemma and Gorka took Mia to the Royal Palace (Instagram)

The former Casualty actress beamed with pride as she posed for a photo with her sweet family. In one, Mia is seen looking the spitting image of her mother outside the Royal Palace and in another baby Thiago was seen smiling, looking just like his father.

Baby Thiago in brown sweater
Baby Thiago looks just like Gorka (Instagram)

The former model has also shared milestones with her followers. Mia looked so sweet wearing dark glasses in a photo captured from her first trip to the dentist.

Mia in dentist chair
Mia visited the dentist for the first time (Instagram)

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"She was so chilled and relaxed. She said to me 'that chair was like the beds in Tenerife near the pool'," quipped the mum-of-two.