Gabrielle Union: 'Your kids are worth fighting for!'

Gabrielle Union has learned that her kids are "worth fighting for."

The 50-year-old actress has four-year-old Kaavia with husband Dwayne Wade but is also raising Zaya, 15, - who was born male as Zion but is now living as a woman - and Zaire, 20, from his former marriage to Siohvaughn Funches and after the former NBA star remarked that he was "proud to be chosen" as the parent of a transgender child last month, Gabrielle explained that she now knows that "unfamiliar" territory is no excuse to turn a blind eye.

Asked what she "learned" by her husband's speech. she told ExtraTV: "That your kids are worth fighting for. Your children are not disposable and even when faced with something that you might not be as familiar with or comfortable with [it is] not an excuse to throw your kids away."

The 'Bring It On' star went on to add that motherhood in general has made her want to "fight" for equality for children everywhere as she noted that her latest role as the unsupportive mother of a homosexual Marine in 'The Inspection' had been an "emotional rollercoaster."

She added: "If I thought I was fighting before I wish I had, you know, all the tentacles of an octopus so I could be knocking people out left and right with every chance I get. It makes you want to fight. It makes you want to dig in and not only fight for your kids but for everybody's kids.

"[That role] really forced me to tap into some of the darker parts of my psyche and make peace with the fact that maybe I have not handled everything ideally and smoothly.” She added, “It's kind of a testament to how you move through it and the hope of moving through it and coming out the other end a happier more loving more evolved person."