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Got time to kill? Try these great brainteasers on Yahoo! Games – for free.

Candy Crush

This delicious match-three challenge rewards good girls and boys with tastier treats the better you play. You need only line up three sweeties to earn points, but if you can arrange four or five that’s when the fun really starts with striped and sugar-flecked bonbons for bonus points. ‘Candy Crush’ is a guilty pleasure that won’t come back to haunt your waistline. It will, however, stretch your brain.

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Farm King

Grab a taste of the good life using your match-making skills to boost crops and keep livestock in great health. You have three days to nurture prize-winning poultry and produce bountiful fields, cleverly designing farm plots before arranging farmyard resources as effectively as possible within a set number of moves against the clock. Can you harvest the highest score?

Play Farm King now on Yahoo!


Use your explorer instincts and find the fastest route to treasure through rows of numbered cards. In ‘Pyramid’ the rules are simple but your strategy must be deeper than the tomb of Tutankhamun. Cards on display are cleared by picking numbers from your deck that are one value higher or lower, with bonus points for longest runs and cards remaining. Hold your nerve to earn the most treasure.

Play Pyramid now on Yahoo!

Bubble Witch

Make magic by candlelight in the company of three cackling witches, sending bubbles containing eye of newt and wing of bat into steaming cauldrons. By casting spells toward the colourful clusters your aim is to burst at least three in a row. The bursts cause curious spiders to appear that bounce the bubbles for bonus points, but the spiders are easily scared if you miss a shot.

Play Bubble Witch now on Yahoo!

Letter Star

Let’s test your general knowledge and observation skills. Yes, today we’ll have fun proving that you’re a genuine know it all. Simply look at the matrix of letters and search for names of famous people, be they athletes, movie stars, artists, historical figures or all round celebrities. Finding the surnames scores points and clears the round. Guess their first names too for extra kudos.

Play Letter Star now on Yahoo!

Midas Mah-jong

Relax while matching pairs of attractive Mahjong tiles, relying on a sure and steady hand guided by careful observation. While the gentle music plays your role is simply to combine two tiles of the same type to clear them away, gradually removing all parts of the pyramid. If you feel sure that there are no further matching pairs you may shuffle the pile, but do not rush into decisions.

Play Midas Mah-jong now on Yahoo!

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