Freya Ridings marries her folk singer boyfriend in secret

Freya Ridings tied the knot in November credit:Bang Showbiz
Freya Ridings tied the knot in November credit:Bang Showbiz

Freya Ridings married her boyfriend in secret in November.

The 28-year-old music star has revealed that she tied the knot with folk singer Ewan J Phillips in an intimate ceremony in London.

Freya - whose new album, 'Blood Orange', is out in May - said: "We got married in November. It’s absolutely wild.

"The album got moved to be released this year and so this time opened up. We planned and did a wedding in two and a half months. It was so magical."

Freya also revealed that her new album was actually inspired by turbulence in her love life.

The singer - who released her debut album in 2019 - told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "I’d gone through a really tough break-up in January 2020.

"I’d done the whole tour. Then I came home to silence and the heartbreak really hit me.

"The album has two halves to it, which is why it’s called 'Blood Orange'. There’s the bitter and the sweet.

"It’s 18 months of me being heartbroken and alone and then the other half is about us getting back together and re-falling in love."

Freya actually took over an underground station in Prague in the Czech Republic for her new music video.

The singer admitted to taking herself out of her "comfort zone" in order to shoot the 'Weekends' video.

She said: "We shot the video in Prague as a night shoot. One part was on an open-top bus playing the piano. Then we took over a Tube station from 12 to 4am.

"I feel like I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone."

Meanwhile, Freya previously admitted to being inspired by Ed Sheeran.

The music star confessed to being wowed by what Ed has managed to accomplish during his career.

She explained: "I am just so in awe of Ed Sheeran and his incredible song cast, and how he continues to build his legacy."