French Women Are Sharing Photos Of Their Body Hair To Fight Stigma


[Photo: Twitter/gribouillis de vie]

Body hair - we all have it. But for some reason, the world can’t accept that fact.

This is why French women are sharing pictures of their body hair in order to fight body hair stigma.

Using the hashtag #LesPrincessesOntDesPoils (meaning #PrincessesHaveHair), more and more women are sharing images of themselves in order to normalise the body fur we all naturally have.


[Photo: Twitter/Adele Labo]

The hashtag was started by 16-year-old Adèle Labo, who encouraged other women to share photos of their body hair on social media.

It has since taken off, and social media is awash with armpits and legs.


[Photo: Twitter/bakbak]


[Photo: Twitter/маргаритка]

One tweeter posted a photo of her arms, saying “Yet that does not prevent them being beautiful” (translation from French).


[Photo: Twitter/Ellen Ellis]


[Photo: Twitter/Manon]

While some predictably crawled out of the depths of the internet to express their disgust for female body hair, one person tweeted: “Pourquoi les hommes ont le droit d'avoir des poils et pas les femmes? Personne a l'air de se poser la question.”

Which translates to: “Why do men have the right to have hair and not women? No one seems to ask that question.”


[Photo: Twitter/Léouh le Caribou]


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