Football fan beats coronavirus after 110 days in hospital thanks to support from Tottenham Hotspur players

It was a miracle he survived. (SWNS)
It was a miracle he survived. (SWNS)

A football fan who spent 110 days in hospital battling coronavirus has made a miraculous recovery thanks, in a small part, to the support from Tottenham Hotspur’s players.

Jeremy Clough, 47, was one of the UK’s longest-suffering COVID-19 patients following a 16-week stint in hospital.

His recovery is being dubbed a miracle, since he was given 48 hours to live after being placed in an induced coma with sepsis at Northampton General Hospital in March.

Family members were asked to say their final goodbyes to the Spurs-mad patient, who was given “zero chance of survival” after contracting pneumonia.

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Clough received a get well soon card from Tottenham’s manager, Jose Mourinho, and a signed shirt from striker, Harry Kane, during his hospital stay.

“We hope that you will be managing to keep your spirits up...we’re all behind you and hope you get well soon,” Mourinho wrote.

When he left the ward at the beginning of July, Clough donned his Tottenham Hotspur scarf as nurses at the hospital clapped, giving him a guard of honour to commemorate his time spent there.

Sister Nicola Clough, 44, believes the reason her brother managed such a miraculous recovery was down to the support he received from his beloved football team.

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His sister said: “He is a massive Tottenham Hotspur fan and I think the support he received from the club definitely helped him to battle on.

“He’d been so frustrated he hadn’t been able to watch them play and he couldn't wait to get out of hospital to see his beloved team again.

“One of the nurses contacted Jose Mourinho and said a patient of his was ill with coronavirus and is a massive Spurs fan.

“Jose sent him a signed get well soon card and he got a signed shirt from Harry Kane as well.

“He absolutely loved it. Once he got the letter he didn’t stop smiling. It was the first time we’d seen him smile in hospital.

“He was showing the card to all the hospital staff for days. We can't thank the club enough for their support.

"It definitely helped him because in the early days he was given virtually nil chance of surviving. He spent three weeks in a coma.”

The 44-year-old admitted her heartbreak at being told her brother had “zero chance” of surviving.

“The doctors told us to prepare for the worst and that he wouldn’t pull through because he was very ill after catching pneumonia from the virus.

“When he did pull through a doctor simply said he didn’t know how Jeremy had done it because his chances were so slim.

“I think he just wanted to be able to watch the football again before the season ended.”

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Clough, who has muscular dystrophy, is now learning how to walk and talk again after his bout in hospital.

His case was one of the first COVID-19 cases at his hospital. His sister praised the “brilliant” work that the hospital did during his stay, which included daily FaceTime calls with his family and his dog, Milo.

She finished: “Jeremy was always one of the healthiest lads you could wish to meet. He was golf captain last year, but couldn’t walk far and used a buggy.

“His muscular dystrophy didn’t affect him. He just got on with life. It didn’t bother him at all.

“He worked as a security guard and was always happy to do what he wanted to do.

“We just can’t wait to have him home now.”