A flushable pregnancy test will soon be here to protect your privacy and the environment

A flushable pregnancy test is on its way [Photo: Getty]
A flushable pregnancy test is on its way [Photo: Getty]

A flushable pregnancy test is on its way.

Anyone who has ever taken a pregnancy test will appreciate that it is a nervy experience – no matter the result you’re hoping for.

More often than not you could end up needing to take the test in a public toilet. But if you’re trying to keep it quiet, disposing of the pregnancy test discreetly can pose a bit of an issue.

Thankfully a new kind of pregnancy test will soon be available to buy, which will see all evidence flushed down the loo.

Introducing Lia, the world’s first flushable pregnancy test, which launches next year.

Talking at TechCrunch, co-founder Bethany Edwards said: “It’s been the same stick test since 1987, and that’s kind of crazy”.

Lia will react to wee in the same way as a regular test – showing two lines for “pregnant” and one line for a negative result.

But, unlike regular tests, Lia is made from the same fibres as toilet paper and, while it is designed to repel water for long enough to take the test, it can be flushed away with water and biodegrades.

So not only does it protect your privacy, it is also super environmentally friendly, which can only be a good thing in a world where glitter is playing havoc on marine wildlife.

And let’s not forget how appallingly bad for the environment it is to be flushing our tampons and their applicators down the loo.

According to the makers with Lia, you won’t be contributing to the 2 million pounds of plastic and digital pregnancy test waste produced each year in the US alone.

Oh, and it still boasts a 99% accuracy scoring.

Lia has just recently been FDA approved and is set to hit Amazon some time next year, with prices ranging from £6.70 to £16.39.

So whether or not you get the result you were after, at least you can rest easy knowing your test won’t have contributed to landfill.

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