Someone has been anonymously sending flowers to a cancer ward every Monday for the past 12 years

Battling cancer is one of the hardest things anyone can go through - but one anonymous person is helping make it a tiny bit better for sufferers in one hospital.

Every Monday for the past 12 years, someone has been sending a bouquet of flowers to the oncology ward at the Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina.

However, nurses have absolutely no idea who they’re from - and so they’ve been choosing a patient having a tough time to be the recipient each week.

The heart-warming story of what has become known as ‘The Monday Flowers’ has been been revealed on Facebook by a staff member.

A cancer ward has been receiving a bouquet of flowers every week for more than a decade - but nobody knows who they're from [Image: Getty]

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Alivia Cozzarelli explained that a fresh bunch has arrived weekly on the cancer unit for more than a decade “without fail”, and they are handed to someone battling the condition who needs “cheering up” the most at that particular moment.

She revealed that all the nurses know is that they come from a business called Your House of Flowers.

Captioning a selection snaps of the bouquets that had been sent in, the staff member wrote: “Our manager doesn’t know for sure, but he thinks they are sent from a man whose wife passed away on our unit.

“I’ve made up so many stories in my head about this person. Like maybe he bought his wife flowers every week and when she died he didn’t know where to send them so he just sent them to the place where she passed away.

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“Or maybe, someone brought her flowers when she was in the hospital and it made her so happy that he wanted to bring that same joy to another person going through a hard time.”

Alivia noted that the identity of the person may remain a secret forever, but she thought the act of kindness was one worth sharing.

She added: “I don’t think we’ll ever know the whole story but I do know that I’m sincerely grateful for people like this kind, anonymous human.

“And every Monday I’m inspired to be kind to strangers every chance I get.’

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Her post has received more than 5,000 ‘likes’, with over 300 people revealing how the tale had moved them.

One person wrote: “That's beautiful but it did make me cry. GOD Bless you and all who work with and take care of.”

Another commented: “Beautiful gesture.”

A third shared: “They're so beautiful, shows humanity isn't lost...”

And a fourth added: “That is so incredibly special.”

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