Woman bumps into boyfriend she thought had died

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Shocked young woman gesturing while looking away at restaurant
A woman couldn't believe it when she walked into a restaurant to find her ex-boyfriend who she thought was dead was living there. Photo: Getty Images

A woman got the fright of her life after she bumped into an ex-boyfriend she thought had died in a restaurant.

The woman, who goes by the name Rachel, said in an interview with ABC that she got together with Alistair when she was 21 and lent him roughly £530 after an accident meant he couldn’t work.

Within months they had broken up and while Alistair paid her back £160 he then started to ghost her, with Rachel’s friends telling her that all his furniture had disappeared from his share house and that he owed numerous people about £1,100.

That’s when things started to turn very strange, after Rachel received a call to say Alistair had died.

“If I called you and told you my mum died, you wouldn't be like, ‘give me a death certificate’,” she said.

Rachel grieved the loss of Alistair, until two years after his death, when she went back to her hometown and visited a family restaurant where she knew Alistair’s brother worked.

When Rachel asked if Alistair’s brother was around, a woman at the front of the restaurant told her that he wasn’t, but that his brother was.

Rachel was in shock and asked if she could see him, but when he found out she was in the restaurant he told the manager to ask them to leave.

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The woman was in complete shock. Photo: Getty Images

She was in shock, and a short time later she received a text from his mum telling her that Alistair had lost his job because of her actions.

Rachel isn’t the first person to live through such a bizarre scenario.

One man previously took to Reddit to say that he always thought his father was dead but he found out years later that he wasn’t and he had left the family because he owed a gang a large sum of money.

Another man also took to Reddit to say that he had faked his own suicide and left the country because he was depressed and just wanted to start a new life.

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