Fitspo star shares unedited butt image and an important message about body image

A fitspo star has shared an unedited photo of her bottom in a bid to encourage others to love their bodies [Photo: Instagram/madalingiorgetta]

Instagram is awash with beautiful butts right now. But though they might not be visible on social media, even the most incredibly toned and honed bottoms can still have cellulite, stretch marks or suffer from an unfortunate angle mishap.

But one woman has chosen to share an image of her unedited bum in a bid to encourage women to love their body, ‘flaws’ and all.

Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham is a 28-year-old personal trainer and Instagram fitspo with almost 400K followers. She’s known for her dedication to the gym and her super-toned ‘bubble butt.’

But even though she works hard to hone her bottom, it doesn’t always look as smooth and cellulite-free as it appears on Instagram. Which is why the fitspo decided to share an unedited snapshot to prove it.

“When my sister originally took this photo of me I saw it and was like ‘eww gross delete delete’,” Madalin wrote on Instagram.

“I forgot to delete it and kept it on my computer for months. I shared another similar more flattering picture on my Instagram (sans butt dimples) and never thought I would ever share the original photo.”

The Instagram star went on to explain that she was asked to send pictures for a feature in Women’s Health and Fitness body issue edition.

And alongside some of her more regular, posed selfies, she decided to include the photo of herself sitting poolside, with what she describes as her ‘butt dimples’ on show.

And it was that photo that the magazine decided to use. Something that Madalin says has helped her accept her body, in all its true glory.

“Now that I see it in print, I’m extremely proud and so happy I made the decision to publish a photo of myself that shows me for me, no editing, no booty pose, just me, a giant coconut and my goofy grin.”

And that in itself sends an important message, firstly not to believe everything you see on Instagram (but you knew that anyway right?), and secondly that body positivity is not just about accepting your body when it looks at it’s Insta-filtered best, but about learning to love and then celebrate your real life body in all it’s ‘flawed’ glory.

It’s something Madalin was keen to stress in the accompanying interview for her Women’s Health and Fitness article.

“Always remember that the images you see are carefully selected, filtered, angled and lit to display people in the best possible light,” she explained.

“Don’t let someone’s perfect selfie dictate your confidence – most people don’t actually look how they do on Instagram.”

Madalin isn’t the only one who wants to highlight the often glossy unreality of Instagram. Earlier this year body positive advocate Sarah Puhto took to Instagram to tell the world that you shouldn’t believe everything you see on social media. 

The 20-year-old from Finland shared a series of side-by-side images to prove how much of a difference angles and posture can make to pictures put on social media.

Whether it is sucking in your tummy or being pictured from a certain angle, Sara wants to show that ‘perfect’ images shared online aren’t always what they seem.

And before that the blogger had shared a photo of her unshaved armpits in a bid to highlight the unrealistic beauty standards women face every day.

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