Fitness star proudly shows off 'wrinkly tummy' in pic to celebrate 'real' post-baby body

Emily Skye gave birth to daughter Mia in December 2017 [Image: Instagram]
Emily Skye gave birth to daughter Mia in December 2017 [Image: Instagram]

Giving birth to a new human is no small feat.

So it’s unsurprising that the process of pregnancy and labour will have a huge effect on women’s bodies – even if you’re a fitness star known for rock hard abs.

Emily Skye, who gave birth to her daughter Mia around 16 months ago in December 2017, has proudly revealed how carrying a child has changed her body and influenced her confidence.

In an inspiring post on Instagram, the 34-year-old personal trainer showed off the “wrinkly tummy” on her “real” post-baby figure in a mirror selfie while wearing a red crop top and denim shorts.

The fitness star revealed her “wrinkly tummy” to her 2.5m Instagram followers [Image: Instagram]
The fitness star revealed her “wrinkly tummy” to her 2.5m Instagram followers [Image: Instagram]

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We all have these parts of us that some may deem as ‘flaws’. I like to call them ‘being human’ & ‘being unique’,” the Australian influencer wrote to her 2.5m followers, alongside two images of herself shared side by side.

“There are a lot of posts going around showing ‘real life’ compared to ‘Instagram’ which I love!”

Of why she has chosen to share pictures of her post-baby loose skin and stretch marks, she continued: “This post isn’t about Instagram versus real life though. Both of these photos are ‘real life’.”

“Just because you take a “nice” photo with good posture or good lighting doesn’t mean it’s not real life – it’s just a part of yourself or your life that you’ve chosen to show.

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“So here are a couple of pics showing me standing without my wrinkly tummy skin visible and with it visible.

“I love myself whether you can see the wrinkly skin or not and I feel confident either way. This is why I choose to wear tops to show my belly! I’m proud of my body and what it’s capable of.

“It took me many years to be confident and comfortable in my own skin and I still have moments when I’m not but most of the time I am.”

Of how this philosophy has affected her parenting approach, Emily added: “Remember that everyone has insecurities no matter WHO they are. You might look at someone and think they’re ‘perfect’ but that doesn’t mean they’re confident.

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“Self love, body confidence & appreciation is something I’ll always place importance on and it’s something I’ll teach my daughter Mia as well – to love and be grateful for who she is and what she’s got.”

Last year, Emily opened up about how she gained 21kg during pregnancy.

She told NW magazine that she exercised five to six times a week – along with a nutritious diet – to drop 16kg within three months of giving birth.

“Some people might think my progress is due to my genetics or because of breastfeeding but I can tell you it’s got a LOT to do with hard work and consistency,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

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