Fitness influencer swears by eating these six meals daily to lose weight

Danielle Fowler
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Are these the six meals you should be eating in order to lose weight? [Photo: Instagram]

Whether you’re counting down the days until your summer getaway or have just returned from a week in the sun, it’s a difficult time for those hoping to lose weight.

From the temptation of after-work drinks in the local beer garden to the inevitable stream of wedding invitations, June can prove a challenge for weight watchers.

But one Brisbane-based dietician claims to have perfected the ultimate diet for those hoping to shed the pounds.

Leanne Ward took to Instagram to share the secrets behind her toned physique.

“Variety is key when it comes to fat loss,” the Insta-star informed her 229,000 followers. “The body is incredibly smart and will soon adapt to any routine, so shake it up.”

The dietician recommends eating plenty of ‘rainbow’ foods when trying to lose weight and suggests the 80/20 approach meaning that you should eat healthy foods 80 percent of the time while dedicating 20 percent to eating what you wish.

But what exactly should we be shopping for at our local supermarket?

According to the 28-year-old, she eats a total of six meals a day.

For breakfast, the social media mogul will prep smashed avocado on sourdough bread with chopped tomato, crumbled feta cheese and a squeeze of lemon to finish. To accompany the meal, she’ll sip a cup of hot green tea.

Her second meal of the day typically consists of a high protein Greek yoghurt with two tablespoons of granola followed by a coffee.

Meal three is usually a salad which boasts tinned tuna, olives, cheese, lettuce, carrot and tomato.

FYI, she’ll enjoy this alongside a black tea with milk, no sugar.

For a midday snack, the blogger will later enjoy a banana and twelve almonds before sitting down for meal five, a vegetable curry with a salad and cous cous.

Before bed, Leanne will typically enjoy a small bowl of fresh strawberries while throughout the day, she’ll make sure to stay hydrated by drinking fruit-infused water.

But with six meals a day comes the need to exercise. Leanne has previously spoken out about her fitness regime and revealed the secrets behind her toned figure.

She told Femail: “I’m 6ft tall and train weights four times a week and two cardio days a week (through) netball, HIIT and/or fasted cardio.”

But she understands why a lot of women struggle to dedicate time to the gym.

“We all live such busy fast-paced lives that we never find the time to do anything,” she admitted. “Most of us get to the end of every day completely exhausted, order takeaway and pass out on the couch.”

“I encourage women to think of health and fitness like an investment in their health – an investment in their future. If you’re sick, you’ll make time to schedule an appointment with the doctor. Think of health and fitness this way too.”

Hands up, who else is thinking of giving her advice a spin this summer?

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