Yahoo Takes The Ridiculous 'Finger Trap Test' To Find Out If We're Beautiful Or Ugly

We could get annoyed with yet another physical requirement women must have to be officially beautiful.

Yes, like the 'thigh gap', the 'bikini bridge' and beating 'bingo wings', the Finger Trap Beauty Test attempts to add to women's already long-list of appearance must-conform-to's.

Except we can't bring ourselves to get cross, because it really is too ridiculous to get up in arms about.

The craze appeared out of Weibo, China's alternative to Facebook, and worryingly seems to be being taken seriously by young people in the country.

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The Finger Trap is also know as the Beauty Test. Or the 'Beauty and Ugliness Identification Method' to give it its full title. To try it, place your index finger against your face so that it touches at your chin and your nose. If you're 'beautiful', your lips will touch your finger. If they don't, that's because you're 'ugly'.

Although, obviously, you're (probably) not.

We decided to head round the office armed with an iPhone to see how beautiful our lovely Yahoo colleagues are. And it turns out, particularly when they've heard of the trick, most of them are pretty darn attractive.

For if you're smart, you can angle your head or stick out your lips slightly to achieve the required finger-to-nose ratio that denotes beauty.

Anyone can be beautiful.

But if you're trying to do it by the book and find you have the dreaded gap between finger and lip, take heart: This is actually rubbish.

Though it's based on the 3.1 ratio idea, used by cosmetic surgeons to create the 'perfect profile' - i.e. your nose, lips and and chin are in a perfect line, this is defintely not one-size-fits-all. Especially as it doesn't even begin to take into account racial differences in face shape.

If you're not already tempted, why not give it a go? Just make sure you conform or you're at risk of getting on the downward spiral of self loathing. But that's just encouraged female behaviour anyway, right?

And just FYI, it's not compulsory to troll us in the comments section.


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