We finally know what Sienna Miller smells like

sienna miller perfume
We finally know what fragrance Sienna Miller wearsSamir Hussein - Getty Images

We make no secret of our huge girl crush on Sienna Miller. I mean, she's just got it all, hasn't she? Great talent, great style (all hail our boho chic queen), great skin, great hair...and we've just discovered that she smells really great too.

Perhaps I'm just a creepy weirdo, but I've always had a bit of a fascination about what fragrances celebrities wear. It's the missing piece of the fashion and beauty puzzle – not something you can determine from the latest drop of pap shots.

So, whenever one of my favourite stars reveals their scent of choice in an interview, I'm immediately intrigued to read more about it, try it for myself and analyse what I think it says about them.

Sienna Miller's perfume has been a secret until now, with the actor finally revealing her favourites (yes, two!) for Harper's Bazaar UK's 'Inside My Beauty Bag' series.

First up, she name-checks e11even, a fragrance oil founded by TV presenter Cat Deeley and her makeup artist and friend, Amanda Grossman. Described by the brand as 'uplifting, grounding, energising and calming', it has top notes of floral geranium and rose, with a hint of fresh citrus, before drying down to reveal earthy patchouli and amber.

e11even is handmade in the UK from a unique blend of essential oils inspired by Amanda's travels around the world. It has a rollerball for easy application on the go, and it can be smoothed onto hair or used to scent a bath (just apply a little to your chest before getting in).

Sienna finds it 'really beautiful'. 'Every time I wear it, people ask me what I'm wearing,' she says – and we all know that's the sign of a perfume that sits well on your skin.

But the fragrance friends and family most associate with her? Thé Noir 29 by Le Labo, the cool girl's NYC brand of choice.

Sienna 'chops and changes' between e11even and this. 'I really like it and people would say it smells like me,' she says. But what does Sienna Miller smell like?

Well, Thé Noir 29 is described by Le Labo as 'an ode to the noble leaf and the craft that surrounds it'. We're talking fresh bergamot, fig and bay leaves with the depth of cedarwood, vetiver and musk. Then there's the main event: black tea leaves wrap it all up by bringing a 'dry, leafy, hay, tobacco feeling' to the dry down. 'I like a forest,' explains Sienna, which feels suitably on-brand. 'I like to smell a bit like a woodland creature.'

So there you have it. Thé Noir 29 is sensuous and addictive. It's Sienna – and no, it's not cheap. Prices start at £66 for a tiny 15ml vial, with the 50ml costing £168 and the 100ml, £230. However, you can also experience Thé Noir 29 in body and hair care – why not try the shower gel, £44, or body lotion, £59, first? Or, Le Labo does a sample for £6.

But what of Sienna's first ever scent? 'It was by Donna Karen. It was called Cashmere Mist, and if I smell that it always reminds me of being a teenager, which is quite sweet.'

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