Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 ending explained

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Season 2 of Fate: The Winx Saga has only just dropped, and already fans have binged the latest seven episodes (us included). Which means you all probably want a recap and some questions answered before you circle back to season 1 and watch the whole thing again. Are we right? Yep, knew it.

So, before we get to it, we know that the Blood Witches became Alfea's biggest threat and invaded the school. And when Bloom (Abigail Cowen) found out that she had been betrayed by someone she thought was her friend, it made the fairies at the college become even more vulnerable...

Bloom discovers Sebastian is a Blood Witch

The season finale shows Bloom who Sebastian (Éanna Hardwicke) really is - a Blood Witch. He had been controlling the Scrapers and stealing magic from the fairies because he'd wanted to punish and seek revenge from those who destroyed Aster Dell - a village inhabited by Blood Witches.

He'd already manipulated some of Alfea's students in order to sneak his way in, including Grey (Brandon Grace), one of the newcomers. Beatrix (Sadie Soverall), an air fairy at Alfea, is also convinced to help Sebastian, but she later reveals his plan to use a Darkness Portal to bring the people of Aster Dell back to life. After finding out about this plan, the Winx girls head to the school to try and stop him.

Flora's sacrifice

The fairies try and keep everyone inside safe from the Scrapers, and we discover Terra's (Eliot Salt) cousin Flora's (Paulina Chávez) plan to sacrifice herself and draw them towards her.

She creates a pheromone with some of her magic so the Scrapers are attracted to her, then injects herself with poison so that when they feed off her, they die.

Sebastian reveals who Bloom's mother is

Meanwhile, Sebastian has convinced Bloom to transfer all her powers to him - especially the Dragon Flame, which he's desperate for. He presents her with a crystal to channel her magic into so he can absorb it, and as she's transferring it, tells her the truth about who she really is.

It turns out that Bloom was born 1,000 years ago, in the midst of an ancient war. He tells her that her mother also had the Dragon Flame, and it was last seen during the war all those years ago. Sebastian then reveals that Bloom's mother was unable to control the Flame, and ended up killing thousands of people.

In order to protect her daughter and those she loved, she put Bloom in stasis and imprisoned herself in the Realm of Darkness.

Sky is saved and Sebastian is defeated

After finding out the truth, Bloom has to process this information in order to save Sky (Danny Griffin), who had been captured by Sebastian and tied up in vines, close to death. Beatrix then appears and distracts Bloom to stop the transfer of her magic, and kills Sky, who is then revived by Grey. But in the ultimate sacrifice, Sebastian directs his magic at Beatrix and kills her.

Meanwhile, the other fairies burst in, transform, and defeat Sebastian.

Bloom leaves Alfea

The end of the season shows Bloom making the hard decision to leave Alfea to try and find her mother. Venturing through the Realm of Darkness and determined to find out who she really is, Bloom has to sacrifice her own safety by closing the dangerous portal from the other side, therefore saving the fairies at Alfea.

Fate: The Winx Saga is streaming on Netflix now.

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