Fans react to Matthew McConaughey’s nude picture in honour of National Pickle Day: ‘Best thing we’ve seen all day’

Matthew McConaughey revealed how he celebrated National Pickle Day – by baring it all.

In honour of National Pickle Day, the Interstellar star shared a NSFW throwback picture of himself to Instagram on Monday. “pickled #nationalpickleday,” he captioned the post, which showed a young McConaughey standing naked in front of an open refrigerator and posing with a jar of pickles.

In the picture, the Oscar winner’s back is turned towards the camera, leaving much to the imagination. McConaughey, sporting a scruffy beard and curly hair, is also seen holding up the pickle jar to the camera and smiling. In the background, several condiments are on display in the fridge, including mustard and soy sauce.

The post received more than 576k likes, and fans were quick to share their reactions to the candid photo in the comments section.

Noting the condiments in the fridge, one user commented: “It’s really nice seeing that a famous dude uses the same mustard and steak sauce that I do.”

Some fans also pointed out the precarious placement of the soy sauce on the refrigerator door. “To be that soy sauce,” one user said. “Never wanted to be soy sauce so bad,” another person wrote.

Others were confused by the context of the photo, wondering what could’ve possibly led McConaughey to pose naked with a jar of pickles.

“Why does this photo exist?” asked one person, while others believed they knew the reason for the odd photo-op. “Musta been a good doobie,” they said.

Many fans were simply upset they weren’t able to witness the moment this photo was taken, writing, “God I wish I had been taking this photo.”

“Best thing we’ve seen all day,” said someone else.

Unsurprisingly, Matthew McConaughey has previously professed his love for pickles. For National Pickle Day 2021, the Texas native shared a video to Twitter, in which he described himself as a “pickle expert”.

“Big, plump, firm, bold, lots of promise,” the actor said, as he bit a cucumber. “It’s all hat, no cattle. It’s all packaging, no product. It has no identity. It is tasteless, all it does is take up room in our proverbial salad.”

“But what happens when it gets older?” he asked, as he held up a brined cucumber to the camera. “Does it mature with age like a fine wine? Does it get better and become a pickle? Not as firm as it once was, got a few more bumps on it, it even shrunk. But let’s see what it tastes like.”

McConaughey then took a satisfying bite out of the tiny pickle and said, “It’s the pickle and you do tickle my fancy.”

This wasn’t the first time the 53-year-old star has posed naked in front of the camera. Two years ago, McConaughey spoke about going full frontal nude for his role in the 2019 film Serenity when The Late Show host Stephen Colbert revealed McConaughey is “buck naked” in the movie.

“That’s what I keep hearing,” McConaughey joked. “I gotta see if there’s a new edit or a new cut of this film that I haven’t seen.”

“I know there was topless,” he continued. “And I’ve even got people coming up going, ‘Oh my God, it’s a great scene, full frontal.’ And I’m like, ‘What? Was it really? Was I?’’