Toddler ruins family photoshoot after running into a muddy river

Caroline Allen
The little boy ran into the muddy river before his family could catch him. [Photo: Caters]

There’s never a dull moment when toddlers are around and one family found that out the hard way.

The Mizzles family from Flint, Texas, payed a professional photographer to capture a beautiful picture of their family.

Two-year-old, Lincoln, had other plans.

The idyllic photoshoot took a turn for the muddy when he leapt into a nearby river, covering himself in mud from head to foot.

Luckily for us, there was a professional photographer there to document the whole thing.

The family managed to get one for the mantlepiece before things took a turn. [Photo: Caters]

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“Me and Matthew wanted to get a few shots alone so we had placed our children on a nearby mat, but still in view.” said Haleigh Mizzles.

“We then noticed Lincoln running towards the water, so we chased after him. ‘He just beat us and dad had to jump in after him. The photo shoot was immediately over after that.”

The photoshoot might’ve been officially over, but the camera kept rolling.

Photographer, Jasmine Tamlin, kept shooting as the drama unfolded, capturing some excellent shots and giving us a sneak peek into the world of a two-year-old.

Lincoln was covered head to toe. [Photo: Caters]

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The water Lincoln made a break for was of the rather thick, swap-like consistency. As soon as he entered, his smart outfit turned a not-so-lovely shade of brown.

His once beige trousers, which matched those of his father’s, looked black by the end of the debacle.

The pictures after show him with muddy handprints on his stripped shirt, caked mud on his navy blue trainers and thick, tar-like mud gloves on his hands.

He wasn’t the only one to suffer at the hands of the muddy river, either. In the mayhem of going in to get him, his dad’s beige trousers were covered in mixture of mud and water.

It might not make the perfect photograph, but it makes a hilarious story.

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