Exact date heatwave will return as UK weather maps light up yellow

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Despite the current unsettled weather, a weather map suggests we could be in for some warmer weather in just two weeks.

A vibrant orange weather map indicates that the midlands and south east England might see a rise in temperatures by Sunday, 14th July - perfect timing for those planning to hit the pubs for the European Championship final. While a heatwave is sweeping across large parts of Europe, the UK will remain relatively cooler - but it's still an improvement from the past two weeks.

Last week, the UK experienced its highest temperature of the year so far with Heathrow recording a sizzling 30.3C. This prompted the UK Health Security Agency to issue multiple heat health alerts.

However, the next fortnight looks set to be dominated by cloud, wind and rain.

Showers are expected to be widespread across the UK in the upcoming week, with Wednesday and Thursday predicted to have particularly strong winds bringing showers from the north and west. The weekend doesn't look much better, as NetWeather reports it will "see the unsettled theme continue, with showers or longer spells of rain affecting most parts at some point, while remaining on the cool side for the time of year,", reports the Mirror.

However, the following week may bring a change in fortunes across the UK. NetWeather reports: "There are some tentative hints of pressure rising from the south-west during this week, most likely towards the end of the week," although westerly winds will still be prevalent.

They're predicting it to be "warmer overall" compared to the previous week, although not by a significant margin. "It does not look likely that it will generally be substantially warmer than average, although the odd hot day or two is possible towards the south-east."

By Sunday, temperatures are expected to rise enough for football fans to possibly enjoy matches outdoors at their local pub gardens, but showers might still be on the horizon. The south-east is set to experience higher-than-average temperatures throughout the week, with conditions being slightly drier compared to other parts of the UK, which could see more rain.

NetWeather's report suggests: "Temperatures during this week are expected to be slightly above average overall, perhaps over 1C above in parts of the south-east, but western counties of Britain are expected to have near-average temperatures. It will probably be drier than average in the south and east of England, but with near-average rainfall most likely elsewhere. It will probably again be cloudier than average for most of the country."