How much Meghan Markle's engagement ring is worth - and where you can buy a £33 copy

Meghan Markle showed off her engagement ring on Monday [Photo: Getty]
Meghan Markle showed off her engagement ring on Monday [Photo: Getty]

ICYMI Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are engaged.

And while we’re eager to find out ALL the details, there’s one thing we were desperate to see… the engagement ring.

Yesterday, we caught our very first glimpse of the stunning sparkler Prince Harry personally designed for his bride-to-be. And it didn’t disappoint.

Three words. Engagement ring envy!

As the happy couple gave a short photo call to announce their engagement, Meghan gave the waiting photographers a brief flash of the trilogy diamond ring. And it’s a beaut.

According to jewellery experts, the estimated value of the ring is a pretty impressive £50,000.

But, in terms of sentimentality, the ring is actually priceless because as a tribute to his late mother, the ring features diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection.

Set on a band of yellow gold, the centre stone of the ring was chosen especially by Prince Harry in Botswana, which holds personal memories for both him and Meghan.

Not only did he travel there when growing up, this past summer the couple holidayed there together to celebrate Meghan’s 36th birthday.

The three-stone ring features diamonds from Botswana and Princess Diana’s personal collection [Photo: Getty]
The three-stone ring features diamonds from Botswana and Princess Diana’s personal collection [Photo: Getty]

The ring, thought to be created by the Queen’s preferred jeweller, Cleave and Company, also features two diamonds positioned either side of the main stone from Princess Diana’s own collection.

Describing the sparkler in an interview with the BBC on Monday, Prince Harry said: “The ring is obviously yellow gold because that’s [Meghan Markle’s] favourite and the main stone itself is sourced from Botswana and the little diamonds either side are from my mother’s jewellery collection to make sure that she’s with us on this crazy journey together.”

Commenting on the ring, David Law from David Law Jewellery told Yahoo Style UK: “Meghan’s ring is a three stone diamond traditional four prong setting engagement ring set with a Cushion Cut diamond centre stone of at least 2.5 carat, and two outside brilliant cut diamonds.”

“As an estimation of cost you would be looking towards of £50,000.”

According to David Law cushion cut diamonds are not actually one of the most popular stone choices for engagement rings, but you could argue it makes the ring more unique, especially as the design itself is leading towards the traditional style.

The London Victorian Ring Company, who experienced unprecedented sales of art deco rings following Pippa Middleton’s engagement, are preparing for an influx of enquiries for their Three Stone Yellow Gold Engagement ring – a similar trilogy design to Meghan’s exquisite ring, but at an affordable price, retailing at £3,450.

“The journey with creating your own family heirloom of the future starts with gemstones that have meaning for the couple,” explains Deborah Jones, Partner at London Victorian Ring Company.

“A classic trilogy ring symbolises the past, present and future of the couple. By combining the diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection and a sourced diamond from today, Prince Harry has re-enforced this tradition in the most romantic of ways.”

“When diamonds are ethically sourced and also have attachments to loved ones, this creates an engagement ring that will be treasured for generations,” she continues.

“We also love the use of yellow gold, a metal that has been used for thousands of years and brings warmth to the ring.”

The happy couple at their official engagement photocall yesterday [Photo: Getty]
The happy couple at their official engagement photocall yesterday [Photo: Getty]

So how does Meghan’s sparkler compare with the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring?

The Duchess’ beautiful Garrard Sapphire ring with diamond halo originally belonged to Princess Diana, and was bought by Prince Charles for his fiancé in 1981.

“As far as styles go they are miles apart,” explains David Law. “Kate’s ring was a 12 carat oval sapphire surrounded by 14 brilliant cut diamonds, and made in 18ct white gold and Meghan’s is in 18ct Yellow gold.”

The estimated valuation of the two rings is different too.

“Based upon Bank of England’s inflation figured Kate’s ring when presented to Diana cost £28,000 and would now be worth £100,000. But today’s true estimated cost is nearer £300,000,” David explains.

Interestingly it was Harry who originally chose the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring as a keepsake from his mother’s collection.

According to sources, when Princess Diana died in 1997, Prince William and Prince Harry were reportedly taken to Kensington Palace to each chose a something from their mother’s belongings.

The Daily Star reported that Harry chose the iconic engagement ring, and William his mother’s Cartier watch.

But the pair came to an agreement that whoever got engaged first would use their mother’s ring. And of course that was William and Kate.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring belonged to Princess Diana [Photo: Getty]
The Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring belonged to Princess Diana [Photo: Getty]

If Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is the sparkler of your dreams, but you can’t quite stretch to the £50K price tag, you’re in luck. There’s a cheap version of it that you can buy for the utterly affordable price of £32.99.

Spotted by The Sun, Argos’ lookalike ring is set in 18 ct gold plated silver with a 1.5ct cubic zirconia centre stone and two smaller stones and looks just like the sparkler Meghan showed off yesterday.

QVC also have an uncanny lookalike on sale for a bargain £22.50. Their own version of the royal ring is sterling silver plated with gold and has 1.7 carats of diamonique, a simulated diamond.

Like the Argos copy, once it’s on your finger it’s very difficult to spot the difference.

The QVC version of Meghan’s engagement ring [Photo: QVC]
The QVC version of Meghan’s engagement ring [Photo: QVC]

But if anyone is looking to recreate Meghan’s ring David Law has one piece of advice:

“I am sure copies of her engagement ring have been produced, but as Meghan said in her interview yesterday it was wonderful that Harry designed the ring just for her and that would be my recommendation; to design your own unique ring.”

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