Emmerdale rocked as two fan favourites leave the soap – and their final scenes have already aired

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Two beloved Emmerdale characters left the soap on Thursday 4 July, and while fans had predicted their possible departure, how they exited still came as a surprise to many watching.

Nicky Miligan and Suni Sharma – played by Lewis Cope and Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana – made their final appearance as they decided to go and travel the world together after discovering they had both been betrayed by their families.

Suni learned the truth about his brother Jai’s role in stealing his inheritance and driving his dad out of the village. Nicky, meanwhile, decided it was time to depart after Caleb demanded he stay and help cover for his mum Ruby after Charles figured out the family had some involvement in his son Ethan’s hit and run.

Before Nicky could slip away, Ruby found him.

Nicky and Suni have left Emmerdale -Credit:ITV

“I was going to call from the car, thought it would be easier but we’re leaving,” he said. “Sorry, mum, but it’s not been an easy decision but we’re going. We need a fresh start, both of us. Away from here and away from my dad especially.”

Fans were quick to comment on the pair’s departure.

One wrote: “Dumbfounding decision and now we’ve lost our beautiful rainbow of gays. I keep hoping #Emmerdale is going to find some compelling storytelling again.”

Another wrote: “Shame Nicky has gone,” while one fan added: “Farewell Nicky and Suni! We’ve loved Lewis Cope and William Ash together as the Miligans (sort of Tates), also Brahmdeo as Suni has brought so much comedy and wit to our screens!”

It was revealed on Wednesday 12 June that Lewis and Brahmdeo, who play Nicky and Suni, would be leaving the soap and that they had already filmed their final scenes.

Nicky and Suni have decided to travel the world together -Credit:ITV

Lewis joined Emmerdale in December 2022 while Brahmdeo made his debut as Sunny only a year ago.

Their characters have certainly faced their fair share of drama, with Nicky's attempting to trick Gabby Thomas into marriage, and both characters experiencing life-threatening attacks.

However, the decision to write out two more gay characters could stir up controversy, especially following the recent death of another gay character, Ethan Anderson , just last month.

As their departure was announced, a source told The Sun : "It's not going to go unnoticed that three of the village's gay characters have been written out within a matter of weeks of each other. The optics aren't good, especially when it's Pride month."

The source added that the characters "weren't given a fair shot" and were "barely used" in storylines. The actors are reportedly eager to further develop their skills and "don't want to be used as glorified set dressing".