Emmerdale star Lewis Cope drops huge hint Nicky Milligan will die in horrifying scenes

Emmerdale actor Lewis Cope, who portrays Nicky Milligan, appeared on Lorraine on Thursday 9 May and shocked fans of the series as he hinted at the possible demise of his character. In upcoming episodes, viewers will see a dangerously close-to-death Nicky found by distraught aunt Moira Dingle after a horrific car crash.

Ethan Anderson, impaired by alcohol, is behind the wheel when disaster strikes but manages to crawl from the wreckage unscathed. Adding a shocking twist to the tale, Ethan drags Nicky out of the vehicle before abandoning him at the accident site. Moira discovers an injured Nicky and frantically calls for assistance while from a distance, Ethan observes the scene, but chooses to retreat to the village rather than lend a hand or offer comfort to distressed Moira.

Emmerdale actor Lewis Cope
Emmerdale's Lewis Cope drops a bombshell about his character Nicky on Lorraine -Credit:ITV

As the harrowing scenes play out, it remains unknown if Nicky will survive the nightmarish ordeal.

A clearly concerned Lorraine Kelly put Lewis on the spot on her show, saying: "Well look, we don't want to give anything away because Emmerdale is obviously on tonight at 7:30pm. I just hope you're still going to be with us because we know that the car crash is going to be a bad one." To which the actor cheekily replied: "Maybe I'm dead?", reports the Mirror.

Lorraine shrieked in response: "No, don't say that! Don't say that, don't say that!"

Enjoying the dramatic exchange, Lewis teased the audience further, stating: "We'll find out!" Lorraine ended the interview by saying: "Now we have to, well we'll all be watching anyway, so lovely to see you!"

Emmerdale star Lewis Cope
Emmerdale star Lewis Cope

Next week's spoilers reveal a tense vigil at the hospital for Nicky's worried parents, Ruby and Caleb, as he fights for his life. Meanwhile, Ethan is wracked with guilt while his family, oblivious to his role in the accident, shower him with praise ahead of his new job.

However, Vicar Charles Anderson, Ethan's father, soon picks up on his son's unease and takes him aside for a serious chat in the church. Charles is left reeling when Ethan confesses that he was behind the wheel during Nicky's accident, and is even more shocked when Ethan plans to lie to the police and asks for an alibi.

Over at the hospital, Ruby opens up to Moira about Nicky's condition, and the two women bond following their past feud. Ruby, seeking revenge for Nicky's accident, and Caleb, both vow to find out who was driving.

Later in the week, there's a shocking twist as Ethan is arrested for causing Nicky's accident, leaving him heartbroken to learn that his own father has betrayed him by reporting him to the police. A furious Ruby puts the pieces together as she witnesses Ethan's arrest, realising that he must have been the one driving Nicky's car.

Following Ethan's arrest, Charles begins to regret his decision as he watches his family's devastation as his son is taken away. What will happen next? Could this be the end for Ethan?