Emma Willis praised for helping 'break down gender stereotypes' with photo of 'style icon' son

Emma Willis has shared an image of her son rocking a cropped pink t-shirt, pictured in January 2019. (Getty Images)
Emma Willis has shared an image of her son rocking a cropped pink t-shirt, pictured in January 2019. (Getty Images)

Emma Willis has been praised by her fans for ‘breaking gender stereotypes’ after sharing an image of her son, Ace, totally rocking a pink crop top and long hair.

The TV presenter posted a photo on Instagram of eight-year-old Ace dressed in a pink crop top, ripped jeans and pink trainers, standing in their kitchen with dad Matt Willis.

“My little style icon (Ace, not Matt),” she wrote in the accompanying caption.

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My little style icon ❤️ (Ace, not Matt 😂) #Acedit

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The picture of Ace drew praise from the Big Brother presenter’s followers with many sharing their love for her son’s look.

“Your son is an inspiration,” one user wrote. “Coming from a mummy of a son who loves pink, rainbows and his Elsa dress. He is following his own story and not bound by stupid society stereotypes.”

“Omg this could be my little boy,” another wrote. “He’s totally alternative... bracelets, ear cuffs, pink, teeny shorts when it’s freezing, pink, leopard and hair bands and buns. Makes me beam with pride that he’s so individual and clear on what he likes.”

“Going to show this to my 10-year-old boy who is loving life and living to his own beat also! Go Ace,” another parent commented.

“Wow look at his lovely hair! He’s the future style icon for sure,” yet another person shared.

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Other Instagram users hit back at a few comments questioning whether boys should wear pink and have long hair.

“Just shows how far we have to go in breaking down gender stereotypes,” one wrote. “Pink is simply a colour. Hair grows. Let kids (or adults) wear whatever they want.”

“So what if this boy has beautiful long blonde hair and wears a pink T-shirt,” another agreed. “I bet he smiles a million more times a day than you miserable judgy ADULTS commenting on this child.”

Willis, 44, also shares daughters Isabelle, 11, and Trixie, four, with her husband Matt.

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Willis isn’t the only celebrity to share pride in their children’s sartorial statements. Last month Alicia Silverstone praised her nine-year-old son Bear’s choice to keep his hair long.

The Clueless actor shared photos of Bear on Instagram and wrote a caption praising him for being unapologetic about his long locks and who he is.

Despite getting teased about the length of his hair, which falls past his shoulders, Bear isn’t one to bow to peer pressure.

“One time my son was made fun of by other kids because of his hair on a bus ride to surf camp,” Silverstone wrote, after explaining how much she loves his hair.

“After he had returned and told me, I thought he would want to cut it...”

Instead, however, Bear revealed he wanted to grow his hair to his waist.

Silverstone went on to encourage parents to “embrace their children and who they choose to be without any judgement”.

Emma Willis and her husband Matt Willis, pictured in August 2018. (Getty Images)
Emma Willis and her husband Matt Willis, pictured in August 2018. (Getty Images)

Other celebrities are also encouraging their children not to be swayed by gender stereotypes when it comes to their appearance.

Back in 2018, Meghan Fox shared a rare snapshot of two of her boys enjoying a day at the beach, both wearing wetsuits and both with long surfer-style hair.

Most fans found the photo to be adorable, but some chimed in with unsolicited opinions about boys having long hair.

Earlier that year, the boys’ dad, Brian Austin Green hit back at trolls who had been hating on his sons’ long hair.

“The fact is my boys have and like long hair,” The Beverly Hills, 90210 star said. “In my opinion they are beautiful and will still be and possibly be mistaken for girls if they wore matching short and T-shirt combos and had short hair.

“Some people like boys and men with long hair," he concluded. "Some people don't. Both opinions are OK.”

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