Elizabeth Hurley swears by this £20 SPF product

Elizabeth Hurley
Find out one of the secrets behind Elizabeth Hurley's eternally youthful looks. (Getty Images)

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When Elizabeth Hurley released an Instagram video showing off a product she really rates to her 2.4m followers while make-up-free and looking preternaturally youthful in a yellow bikini and straw hat, we were all eyes.

Because, frankly, we want what she's having. At 57, she still has the glowing, radiant skin of someone decades younger, and we want to know all her tricks.

Apparently one of her top secrets is actually an SPF that we can all get our hands on: Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen – which is what she was showing off in her video.

No wonder makeup artist, Sandy Linter, left this comment under her post: "@clinique must be great sunscreen (yellow heart) hats can do just so much (yellow heart)."

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Shop Hurley's sunscreen

The bad news? We can't find the SPF50 version of face-cream-meets-sunscreen in the UK as it seems you can only buy it from the US.

But the good news is that the anti-wrinkle SFP30 (£19.50) and SPF40 (£18.50) versions are available to buy in the UK.

And this Clinique SPF is clearly something she has used for a while, because she also bigged it up on social media back in May 2020 via a series of bikini shots.

But just why is it such a Hurley must-have? It's formulated with Clinique's innovative SolarSmart complex, which helps prevent visible signs of ageing, while solar-activated antioxidants help prevent damage and shield skin from environmental aggressors.

It has UVA protection (which stops the sun's rays ageing you) and UVB (which stops the sun's rays burning you). The oil-free formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin and apparently doesn't leave any heavy or greasy residue. Another bonus? It's also safe to use around the eye area, too.

And with experts recommending that we all wear a minimum of SPF30 every day, we reckon it's worth giving this Hurley-recommended product a try.

Because if it works for her...

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Shop now: Clinique SPF40 Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream | £18.50 from Clinique