10 second trick tells you whether your eggs are past their sell-by date

Eggs are the ultimate kitchen staple – versatile, packed with nutrients and suitable for a healthy breakfast or a fuss-free dinner.

But, because of their hard outside shell, it can be hard to tell whether your eggs are good to eat or have gone rotten.

Thankfully, we’ve discovered a simple trick to tell either way.

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two eggs and a glass of water on a wooden table
Place your eggs in water to tell whether they're fresh or not. [Photo: Getty]

Egg freshness test

  1. Place egg in a bowl of water.

  2. If your egg lies at the bottom of the bowl on its side, then it’s still perfectly fine to eat.

  3. If the egg stays at the bottom of the bowl but remains upright, it’s still safe to eat but on its way out – hard-boil it to be extra sure.

  4. If the egg floats to the top, it’s gone off and you shouldn’t eat it.

A popular debate surrounding eggs is whether they should be kept in the fridge or instead in the kitchen cupboard, in order to keep them at their optimum condition.

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While the British Egg Information Service believes the only place to keep the food cool and avoid temperature fluctuations is the fridge, some microbiologists say there is no need to refrigerate eggs.

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