Eddie Hearn Joins the Men’s Health UK Team

eddie hearn men's health uk
Eddie Hearn Joins the Men’s Health UK TeamHearst Owned

Love him or loath him, Eddie Hearn is always quick with a comment and never shy in offering an opinion. It’s that fact, coupled with a newfound passion for fitness, that makes arguably the world’s most preeminent boxing promoter the perfect man to be Men’s Health brand new columnist.

Starting on May 19th 2023, he’ll be bringing you his thoughts on everything from his fitness journey, managing his mental health in a stressful profession, as well as insights from inside the world of boxing. The chairman of Matchroom Sport will also be interviewing influential figures from the world of sport and entertainment.

Hearn’s musings will hit the inboxes of our newsletter subscribers first, every other Friday. Don’t expect to be lectured by a man who admittedly only picked up a weight for the first time 18-months ago. Hearn doesn’t claim to be a ‘men’s health expert’ or have it all figured out. He’s just a man who reached his mid-40s and realised he needed to make, and still needs to make, some significant changes, but whatever you do don’t call it a midlife crisis.

eddie hearn men's health uk
David Venni

‘I want to talk to the average guy who is in a high-paced job, who has responsibilities, who says I'd love to train, but I just don't have time. Well, if you have a busier lifestyle than me, congratulations and I don't believe you,’ says Hearn.

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