EastEnders' Sharon leaves fans swooning as she debuts glam hair transformation

EastEnders fans are all aflutter after Sharon Watts' stunning makeover in the most recent episodes, now streaming on iPlayer.

In Thursday's (July 4) episode, the Walford icon, played by Letitia Dean, makes quite the entrance as she meets Teddy Mitchell, sparking immediate chemistry and cheeky banter between the two.

The Mitchells had quite the wild night at the Boxing Den, leaving Sharon less than thrilled with the aftermath at her gym. She confronts Teddy about the mess, demanding, "Are you the reason my gym is a mess", to which he sheepishly responds, "Yeah sorry about that darling". But Sharon isn't having any of it, sharply telling him, "Do not call me darling! ".

Teddy tries to smooth things over, explaining the family reunion led to the untidy state, but Sharon is adamant about cleaning up, exclaiming, "I've got paying customers trying to work out around beer cans and pizza boxes" and insisting they tidy up immediately, reports the Daily Star.

Despite the rocky start, Teddy seems smitten and later asks Sharon out for a drink at The Queen Vic, confidently saying, "I'd said I'd win you around". Sharon, however, plays hard to get, replying, "You're wasting your time", even as Teddy charmingly persists, "I haven't tried yet. Let me buy you a drink, and then decide. One drink now where is the harm in that."

EastEnders ' Sharon, played by Letitia Dean, has displayed a brand new hairdo that's captured the attention and obsession of fans. Her highlighted locks appeared slightly darker and curled just beyond her shoulders.

One admirer took to Twitter to demonstrate their approval, writing, "Need a one-hander just about Sharon and this hair. I'm obsessed. #EastEnders."

Another viewer acknowledged the effortless style of Deans performance, stating, "The way Tish Dean rocked up in two scenes purely to serve high camp - we are not worthy #EastEnders."

Agreeing with these sentiments, a third fan declared, "Sharon's hair is giving OMG #EastEnders" while another added, "Letitia Dean: serving high camp as Sharon Watts since 1985 #EastEnders."

Teddy asks Sharon out for a drink
Teddy asks Sharon out for a drink

As well as praises for her hairstyle, fans encouraged the brewing romance between Teddy and Sharon. One particular fan hinted at a possible relationship, stating: "Sharon and Teddy are definitely gonna be a thing #eastenders."

Another claimed, "I'm here for Sharon and Teddy. Can see the chemistry already #EastEnders", suggesting more exciting drama awaits viewers.

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