Earl Charles Spencer posts previously unseen family portrait – and it's so mysterious

Charles Spencer looking worried
Charles Spencer looks after Althorp House (Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

Earl Charles Spencer regularly delights his followers with interesting updates from his home, Althorp House, which is where his late sister Princess Diana was raised.

On Wednesday, Charles shared a very intriguing post indeed – a mystery photograph of an unknown person that he found in archived files.

He penned: "Unnamed face from a Victorian era Spencer family photograph album, at @althorphouse - such a shame we don’t know who this might have been…. #familyphotograph#victorianera#spencerfamily#althorp."

The image shows a young girl with a bob haircut and fringe, wearing a frilly outfit and beaded necklace. Her eyes glimpse upwards, and she has a wary facial expression.

The post quickly garnered hundreds of likes as well as an array of comments. "There is definitely a family resemblance in the eyes though," penned one fan, and another remarked: "The eyes of Princess Diana." A third commented: "Looks like an angel dropped from heaven."


It was a little over a week ago that the Earl excited fans with a photograph of his grandfather Jack Spencer looking dapper in a smart suit, and a detailed drawing of Jack's own grandfather, Frederick Spencer, wearing a crisp white shirt, a trim jacket and a silk tie.

Fans were awestruck by the strong Spencer family likeness. In particular, many fans were quick to highlight Prince William'suncanny resemblance to Charles' grandfather, Jack.

A photo of Althorp House
The grand house was once home to Princess Diana (David Levenson)

If you're interested in visiting Diana's former home, there's still time before the summer season is out.

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At the start of the month, Charles shared an update about the opening dates, writing: "We are open to the public until the 31 August this year. Book your tickets on our website spencerofalthorp.com. Further details and FAQ can be found online."

The burial site of the late Princess Diana
The burial site of the late Princess Diana (Getty)

Accompanying the statement was a beautiful image of the deer park, with the majestic animals reflected in the lake.

One of the lakes on site is where Diana's body is buried, and it is a place of total tranquillity.

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Prince Harry revealed in his memoir Spare, that the Oval lake used to have a bridge which had to be removed for safety reasons. "The bridge had been removed, to give my mother privacy, to keep intruders away," he penned.

a view of Althorp House
Althorp House is located in West Northamptonshire (Instagram)

As there is no bridge to cross, Harry had to use a rowboat when he visited Diana's gravesite with his wife Meghan Markle.

The Duke revealed all about the poignant day in his own book, explaining that they had a troublesome journey where the boat got stuck before eventually making it to pay their respects and say a special prayer.