Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Accused Of ‘Animal Cruelty’ Thanks To New Prince George Snap

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have come under fire for releasing this shot of Prince George feeding the family dog ice cream [Photo: PA Images]

ICYMI its Prince George’s third birthday today and his parents have chosen to mark the occasion by releasing four adorable new photos of his royal cuteness.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said they were delighted to share four new pictures of the mini royal to celebrate his birthday, including one particularly sweet snap of George hanging out with the family dog, Lupo.

But, not everyone was thrilled by the picture, and the royal couple have come in for some criticism for seemingly allowing George to feed ice cream to the dog.

In the snap, taken by photographer Matt Porteous at Anmer Hall, Norfolk, the Cambridges’ country home, Prince George can be seen crouching down, his trademark cheeky grin in place, as he offers Lupo a white chocolate ice cream.

But though the picture is undoubtedly cute, it has come under fire from some animal cruelty campaigners who say giving dogs treats, such as ice cream could be dangerous.

Four new photos have been released to mark Prince George’s third birthday [Photo: PA Images]

Some experts warn that dogs are allergic to dairy food, such as ice cream, and feeding it to them could cause the animals to have digestive problems including diarrhoea. One charity explained to Mail Online that adult dogs are deficient in the lactose necessary for digestion of milk.

Taking to social media animal cruelty activists were quick to express their concern over the photo

“Why is Prince George trying to kill this dog by feeding it a white Magnum?” tweeted one critic.

“Happy 3rd Birthday to Prince George!! Here he is poisoning a little dog,” added another.

Two more of the official photos of the birthday boy [Photos: PA Images]

And one particularly angry tweeted referred to the Prince as a “Monarchist Monster”!!

“Monarchist Monster,” he wrote. “Never give a dog ice cream. At worst: it’ll die, At best: the dog will diarrhoea everywhere!”

Another went so far as to say Prince George should go to prison for the act.

“Prince George needs chucking in prison for feeding that dog an ice cream, irresponsible animal cruelty paid for by the taxpayer,” they tweeted.

We mean, really?

Obviously nobody would wish for any harm to come to the poor dog, but seriously?! The child is three! He just wanted to give his bestie a lick of his ice cream. He didn’t know it could hurt him.

And how are we to know the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge didn’t intervene to stop the dog actually licking the ice cream?

Maybe we should all just cut the little dude a little bit of slack? It is his birthday after all!

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