Dua Lipa takes her mates to Barry's for a sweat sesh in Sydney

<span class="caption">Dua Lipa hits up Barry's ahead of Sydney tour</span>
Dua Lipa hits up Barry's ahead of Sydney tour

Ahead of her now sold out Future Nostalgia tour, Dua Lipa has touched down in Sydney, Australia, a few days early, after a fleeting visit to Brisbane.

And, if you've been following her every move on IG, you'll have seen that she hasn't wasted any time making the most of it either – from hitting up some of the most IG-friendly spots the city has to offer (Bondi’s Iceberg’s cafe and sunrise walks, included) to getting in a sweat sesh in the CBD, too.

Posting on IG Stories yesterday, Lipa shared a pic after hitting up a Barry's class in the business district of Sydney. 'Barry's with the gang 🥵,' she captioned it, before she was seen leaving the studio makeup-free and glowing, a litre bottle of water in tow.

In fact, the New Rules singer has made no secret of her love for the high-intensity workout, which has been praised by the likes of Ellie Goulding, Lily Allen and Victoria Beckham too. Last year during a quick 48hour visit to Washington D.C, Lipa was also spotted hitting up Barry’s in Dupont Circle.

An hour-long, results-driven and high calorie-burning class, Barry's focuses on high-intensity interval training, commonly referred to as HIIT. It's usually split into two sections: 25 to 30 minutes of HIIT on treadmills, and another 25 to 30 minutes on the gym floor using free weights, resistance bands, and more.

'The secret sauce is the combination of the music, the instructor, the lighting and the people around you,' says Sandy Macaskill, Barry’s Bootcamp master trainer and co-founder. 'It helps you push harder, sustains you, and brings you back for more – that’s the key to getting results, making it part of your lifestyle.'

According to coach Peter MacIver (a.k.a. PMAC) of the Women’s Health Collective expert panel, HIIT forms a key part of Lipa's weekly exercise routine – and particularly when she's away for work. She previously told Vogue, 'It’s so quick, it’s over before it’s even started!'

Alongside favouring early morning workouts and working out with her friends, she's also a firm believer in the power of boxing for mind and body benefits.

And, to combat some of those high-intensity workouts? Lipa also practices yoga on a daily basis, too. Who can forget that 2020 clip in which she shared her 'daily ritual' on the yoga mat?

Thinking about following in Lipa's footsteps? There are currently five Barry's London studios to choose from; Barry’s Central on Euston Road, Barry’s East on Worship Street, Barry’s West on Queensway, Barry’s SW1 at Eccleston Yards and Barry’s Canary Wharf. The first venue outside of London opened its doors in Manchester in November 2017.

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